Love Me Sachet Powder


Love Me Sachet Powder


Used to bring your romantic relationship to deeper commitment. 1 oz.

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Do you have your beloved but are not sure if s/he will stay? Want your true love to marry you, not just be your "friend"? Then try this sachet powder, which is the oldest and most traditional love formula. It's the one alleged to get the goods: romance, passion, proposals of marriage, and faithfulness.

Love Me is a very old hoodoo formula for love spells that are designed to draw someone closer and cause him or her to openly declare feelings of love. This sachet powder is usually used when the lover is someone the practitioner knows -- that is, they are not used to attract a new or unknown lover.

To draw love to you and elicit love from those to whom you are attracted, use this powder applied to oneself, fixing the home, preparing pink or red offertory candles or "laying tricks" for someone. 

Ways to use this sachet powder:

Apply this sachet powder to your body in an upward motion before seeing your lover.

Place a little of the sachet powder on something that your lover will touch, and shake off the excess before sending it to him or her - for example, you can apply it to a greeting card.

Inscribe your name one one red beeswax candle and your lover's name on another, roll each candle in the sachet powder, tie them together with a red thread to strengthen your bond and light them side by side.

Mix the sachet powder with some dirt and sprinkle the mixture someplace where your love will step, such as in front of a door.

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