Queen Elizabeth Sachet Powder


Queen Elizabeth Sachet Powder


Queen Elizabeth Root is used by women to attract love or gain empowerment in their lives. 1 oz.

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If one longs for good luck in love affairs, romance, marriage, matters of passion, and feminine power, then Queen Elizabeth Root oil is the perfect choice. Queen Elizabeth Root is widely said to attract and draw lovers closer. 

There is nothing more magnetic than confidence and a regal demeanor. Queen Elizabeth Root is reputed to attract love, give a woman power over her lover in a relationship, bring success and empower her in life. 

If you are feeling demoralized by a situation or a relationship where you don't have the upper hand, use this sachet to regain feelings of control, self-sufficiency, confidence and strength.

Ways to use this sachet powder:

Apply this sachet powder to your body in an upward motion to empower yourself.

Place a little of the sachet powder on something that your lover will touch, and shake off the excess before sending it to him or her - for example, you can apply it to a greeting card. 

Inscribe your name one one red beeswax candle and your lover's name on another, roll your candle in Queen Elizabeth sachet powder and your target's candle in Love Me sachet, tie them together with a red thread to strengthen your bond and light them side by side.

Put a sprinkle of sachet in each show so that you stand in your power.

Blow a handful of sachet to the four directions so that you ensure your empowerment wherever you may go. 

For more ideas on how to work with spiritual sachet powders, please read my Sachet How To Guide under Instruction and watch my Sachet how to video below: