Road Opener Sachet Powder

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Road Opener Sachet Powder


Used to clear away remnants of past blockages, crossed conditions, set-backs, or slow-downs and open the door to a better future or new venture. 1 oz.

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Road Opener is a powerful spiritual aid when trying to clear away remnants of past blockages, set-backs, or slow-downs. It is used to open the door to a better future, both when remedying crossed conditions and when embarking upon new ventures.

Road Opener sachet is used by those who wish to bust through blocked conditions, overcome obstacles, and get off to a strong start in any kind of venture.

Like the rest of the Lucky Mojo line, this sachet powder contains genuine herbal essential oils, not synthetic fragrances. 

Road Opener may, of course, be mixed and matched in any way that suits the practitioner, or may be teamed up with formulas from another line of goods, such as a financial or money luck formula like Money Drawing, or a passion and sexual love spell formula like Love Me.

If you have been heavily crossed, you should probably start with an Uncrossing spell, to take off the mess. After that, if you find no refreshing change on the horizon, you may decide that you are somewhat "stuck" due to suffering the aftereffects of the previous troubles -- and, if so, you can work with Road Opener spiritual supplies to get started into forward motion once again.

Similarly, if you have not been cursed or jinxed, but feel "stuck" and devoid of forward movement in any aspect of life, Road Opener may be what you need.

A similar line of goods, reputed to change bad luck to good luck, but not necessarily associated with forward movement, is called Van Van -- and these supplies will mix well with Road Opener supplies.

For more ideas on how to work with spiritual sachet powders, please read my Sachet How To Guide under Instruction and watch my Sachet how to video below: