Paraffin Crucifix Candle


Paraffin Crucifix Candle

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Crucifix or cross candles are used for blessing and protection.

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hen you want to invoke a powerful blessing, clearing or protection, then a crucifix candle is a good choice, especially if you like to work with the Bible or Christian prayer.  Choose the color that is appropriate to the work that you are doing.  For example, select a green candle for prosperity or a white candle for blessings or protection.

Examples of ways to use this candle:

Use a white crucifix candle surrounded by seven white candles dressed in Protection oil and sprinkled with Agrimony for a powerful protection spell.

Use a green crucifix candle and three white candles dressed in Prosperity oil and sprinkled with Alkanet and Grains of Paradise to bless and protect your money and invite prosperity.

5" tall
100% Paraffin
Fragrance Free