Camphor Squares (4)


Camphor Squares (4)


Camphor (Camphora officinarum) is used for purification and psychic work. 

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Camphor is used for cleansing and opening up intuitive vision.  4 squares per package. 

Some ideas for magical uses:

Place 4 squares around the corners of a room or property to clear away negative people, spirits and energies. 

Burn Camphor (crumbled or a whole square) on a charcoal along with Copal and Frankincense to cleanse a home or business and invite positive, helpful spirits. 

Carry a Camphor square, a pinch of Lemon Grass and a pinch of Hyssop in a red flannel bag to keep your vibration high and clear. 

Dress an Energetic Purification candle in Uncrossing oil and roll in crumbled Camphor for extra power. 

(Camphor should not be taken internally)

Check out the video below for guidance on how to light and burn whole herb incense.