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Why buy a spell kit?

Spell kits are the perfect solution when you are new to magic or simply want a tried-and-true combination of materials for your spellwork. Both beginning spellcasters and seasoned practitioners love the convenience of having all the materials for your spell ready-to-go without having to come up with a formula or researching what herbs and oils will be best for your intention.

Novice witches appreciate having the step-by-step instructions next to them as they prepare their spells and gain confidence in their spellcasting abilities. More experienced magic workers like the ease of having everything at hand and the inspiration that the instructions can bring to their own version of the spells.

What comes in a spell kit?

Every spell kit comes with all the major ingredients you need for a candle or incense spell. The herbs, oils, charcoal, candles, talismans and other hard-to-find items are all included. All you have to provide are the tools that you have around the house such as a knife, dish, or matches. Every step is clearly spelled out in the instructions that are included with the kit. Many of the spell kits also have instructional videos available, showing you what is included in the kit and each step of the spell preparation process.

You don’t have to be an initiated magical practitioner, have years of experience or be naturally gifted to do an effective spell. Everything that you need is included in the kit so you can have success with your very first try.

How to choose your spell kit

Looking at all the choices, it might be overwhelming deciding which spell kit is right for you. If you would like some help and guidance in choosing a spell kit, then book a session with Madame Pamita and she can guide you to exactly the right one for your particular situation. If you want to choose for yourself, then trust your intuition. See which ones you are being drawn to, then click on the image to look at the color options to see what direction you can take the spell in. With up to ten different variations within each spell kit, almost any spell kit can be used as a love spell, money spell, protection spell, blessing spell, luck spell, court case spell and more.

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