Come to Me Spell Kit Male/Female


Come to Me Spell Kit Male/Female


This simple, straightforward moving candle spell is used to bring a lover closer for passion, romance or reconciliation.

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If you'd like a lover to come closer emotionally or physically, this moving candle spell can provide the spiritual pull to bring them toward you.

This spell kit includes everything you see here: one female and one male beeswax figural candles, condition oil, herbs, an old time burlap bag and full instructions for casting this sweet spell.

These 100% beeswax candles are handmade at the Parlour of Wonders and charged with the intention of love. Choose Red candles if you'd like to bring forward a passionate love, Pink if you'd like to bring in a romantic love, Blue if you'd like a peaceful reconciliation with an estranged lover, White if you need a fresh start, Green if you would like financially generous lover, Black if you want to protect your relationship, Orange if your relationship needs a breakthrough, Yellow for success in your goals and Purple for empowerment. 

We will hand-select an appropriate spiritual oil and herbs for your intention and will include full instructions on how to do this seven-day spell.

Click on the video to below on how to do a Come To Me moving candle spell to invite a love to come into your life.