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Bath Crystals are a traditional magical tool for cleansing the self, clearing the environment and bringing in better conditions. Madame Pamita Bath Crystals are formulated with the highest quality ingredients: 100% natural sea salt, epsom salts, organic or wildharvested essential oils and herbs and just a light tint with food-grade colorings. All natural materials have strong vibrational qualities and these bath crystals are powerful and extremely effective tools for spiritual workings. 

Ways to Use Bath Crystals

Like oils and sachets, bath crystals are convenient and can be used in a variety of ways. Dissolving them in your bath is, of course, the primary way to use them, but certainly not the only way. You can dissolve them in water and sprinkle this water on a person or around your environment, apply it to your tools (magical or otherwise) or put the bath crystal water in an atomizer bottle and use as a smokeless incense to “smudge” yourself or your space. Another popular way to use them is to rinse your clothes in bath crystals to imbue them magically. You can also use the bath crystals without dissolving them and sprinkle solid crystals around your home, or carry them in a mojo bag or paper packet.

Below are some ideas on how to use bath crystals to effect the change in your life that you wish to create. Don’t be limited by this list though. Use your own inspiration and creativity when using them. However, be aware; although these bath crystals are natural, they should never be taken internally. Please check out the excellent “Hoodoo Spiritual Baths” book which is loaded with many excellent bath crystal spells. 

1 Day Spiritual Bath with bath crystals

Take a single bath to remove blocks and bring in the intended result. For extra power, choose a day of the week that supports your outcome and take the bath before dawn – when finished, take a cupful of your bathwater out to a crossroads and throw it over your shoulder toward the rising sun. 

Sunday – Healing, blessing, general positive work, optimism

Monday – Women’s concerns, childbirth, fertility, psychic work, spiritual work, marriage

Tuesday – War work, enemy work, break ups, banishing, strength, health

Wednesday – Communication, business, travel, negotiations, faster results, gambling

Thursday – Power, wealth, success, money, business, legal issues

Friday – Love, sex, beauty, prosperity, business, admiration

Saturday – Enemy work, binding, blocking, clarifying, creating structure, revenge, justice


3 Day Spiritual Bath with bath crystals

Take three baths on three consecutive days or on alternating days. Again, you may choose days that are more powerful for your work – such as Monday, Wednesday and Friday for love or prosperity work.


7 Day Spiritual Bath with bath crystals

If you find that a one day bath or three day bath do not produce the result that you want, you may be advised to take seven baths on seven consecutive days. You may start these baths on any day but starting on a Monday and ending on a Sunday will maximize the power of these baths.


13 Day Spiritual Bath with bath crystals

You may be advised to take a thirteen day bath in cases where blockages are extreme or shorter bath series don’t seem to be working. In this case, you may begin the baths on any day but to maximize the effectiveness, start the day after the full moon and work all through the waning moon cycle (as the moon appears to get smaller and smaller). 


Poured-Over Bath with bath crystals

One of the traditional methods of using bath crystals is to dissolve them in a bowl and pour them over your head while catching some of the poured water in a second bowl as the water flows down your body. Take this second bowl of water out to a crossroads at dawn and throw over your left shoulder toward the rising sun.


Cleansing the Environment with bath crystals

You can dissolve the bath crystals in water and add them to your floor wash to cleanse a location such as home, business or work. Likewise, you can place this bath crystals water in a spray bottle and spray around a location to clear and imbue the location with the energy of the crystals.  Alternatively, you can sprinkle the the undissolved crystals around the environment for ongoing cleansing. 


Blending Bath Crystals

Sometimes you may have a situation where one bath crystal formula alone doesn’t address all your issues. In that case, mix 2 or more bath crystal formulas to bring in or clear out what is necessary. For example, If you have been having arguments with your loved one, you can use both Sweet Reconciliation to make up and Peace and Tranquility to keep it that way. Or, if you’re hoping to have success from a creative endeavor, you might want to use a combination of High Creativity and Fame and Fortune. Let your needs and you imagination guide you to the perfect customized combination.

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