Bewitching Oil by Lucky Mojo


Bewitching Oil by Lucky Mojo


All it takes is a little mystery and allure to make yourself irresistible. Captivate a current or future lover with this exotic oil.  

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Spiritual Oils are available for USA and Canadian orders only. Oils shipped outside of the US or Canada can be held up in your country’s customs or returned to us. For orders outside of the US/Canada, we substitute sachet powder with full instructions on how to use sachet in place of oil. If you have questions about shipping oils to your country, contact our shipping department at before ordering.

Use this oil to create a mysterious sense of allure around you. Your power is not in being the conqueror but in being the irresistibly magnetic seducteur/seductress. Use this oil to create an aura of mystique and pique his or her curiosity. 

Ways to use this oil:

Click on the video below for guidance on how to use spiritual condition oils.

Put several drops of this oil on your body before seeing your lover

Place one drop on something that your lover will touch, for example, a doorknob or car door handle. 

Add 13 drops to an atomizer bottle filled with spring water, shake and spray in your home or your lover's environment.

Dress a red figural candle - representing you - with Bewitching oil, rubbing it on in a upward motion, so that others find you alluring. 

Apply a few drops to a Magnetic Attraction candle to create an aura of irresistibility.

Created by Lucky Mojo

.5 oz.