Crucible of Courage Oil by Lucky Mojo


Crucible of Courage Oil by Lucky Mojo


Crucible Of Courage is used to increase one's personal determination, courage, and bravery.   1/2 oz.

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Crucible of Courage oil is worn by conjure practitioners when facing a situation or condition that calls for a heightened response of personal power or that represents an ordeal trial of some sort, whether physical, emotional, legal, medical, or spiritual. Crucible of Courage oil is used when you need a shot of courage to bring you up to your highest levels of achievement. 

How to use this oil:

Click on the video below for guidance on how to use spiritual condition oils.

Add 13 drops of Crucible of Courage oil to a bucket of water and perform a ritual floor wash and set the scene for having a discussion with someone which you have been putting off due to anxiety about the outcome. 

Blend Crucible of Courage oil with formulas such as Power, Commanding, Court Case, Compelling, Controlling, or Essence of Bend Over for use in situations where dealing with others provokes feelings of dread, fear, or trepidation. 

Crucible of Courage can be added to Pay Me oil if money is owed to you and you are afraid of causing a scene when you demand what is rightfully yours. 

Crucible of Courage can be blended with Marriage supplies if you want to propose marriage but are afraid that you might not be able to handle a possible rejection. 

Similarly, it can be compounded with Separation products if you have been putting off asking for a divorce due to your fear of how the discussion might go.