Cut and Clear Oil by Lucky Mojo

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Cut and Clear Oil by Lucky Mojo


Cut And Clear spiritual supplies are used in rituals to rid yourself of any remaining link to an ex-lover or ex-partner or to detach from past attachments.  1/2 oz.

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Spiritual Oils for US orders only. We cannot ship oils outside of the US. For orders outside of the US, we substitute incense with full instructions on how to use incense in place of oil.

If you have trouble letting go of past situations and conditions, if you are dragged down by people who promised things they never delivered yet find it difficult to walk away from them, if you want to move on into better, happier, and more productive relationships, then try Cut and Clear oil to break your ties to the past and bring about a new, desirable future.

Cut and Clear is a hoodoo formula for oil that is designed to separate people from difficult relationships or bad habits by breaking ties to the past. They can be used to get over a failed love affair or a period of bad luck, so you can stop obsessing about "what might have been" and happily meet the better future that's in store for you. . The symbolism on the label is clear -- a pair of scissors to cut ties to the past and a rising sun to symbolize the bright possibilities for happiness that lay ahead. The ingredients in Cut and Clear include Lemon and Lemon Grass, plus other herbs and essences. 

How to use this oil:

Click on the video below for guidance on how to use spiritual condition oils.

Using Cut and Clear oil as a personal scent to put an end to old conditions and bring in new ones.

Dress a large yellow vigil candle with Cut and Clear oil and before it goes out, burn your petition paper, on which is written the name of a person or the life condition from which you wish to be separated.