Essence of Bend-Over Oil by Lucky Mojo


Essence of Bend-Over Oil by Lucky Mojo


Essence of Bend Over oil is used by those who wish to impose their will upon others. 1/2 oz.

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Essence of Bend Over is used to rule and have your way and to subjugate another person to your will. It can be used on a boss, on a recalcitrant lover or spouse whom you wish to control, or on anyone who opposes your will and whom you wish to see humbled and obedient to your desires.

Essence of Bend-Over is similar to the formula for Compelling in that it forces another person to do your bidding, but Essence of Bend-Over products are both more intimate and crueler in intent than Compelling products, because they may actually bring about degradation or subjugation. Whereas Compelling oil, powders, incenses, and bath crystals are primarily recommended in cases where one is owed money or a favor, or a promise has been broken.

Similar to two other old formulas, Domination and Boss Fix, Essence of Bend-Over is said to subjugate the will of any boss, co-worker, lover, or competitor in business or sports, so that they will greatly wish to please you, will do as you say, and will be more generous and pliable, without causing a confrontation of wills. It is also employed by people who seek sexual domination over a partner, with the object of making the lover submit to degradation or humiliation. When used in spells of female domination over men, the Essence of Bend-Over products are sometimes mixed half-and-half with Follow Me Boy spiritual supplies. When used on the job, they may be mixed half-and-half with Boss Fix products.

The ingredients in Essence of Bend-Over formulas include Calamus Root, plus other herbs and essences. 

How to use this oil:

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Carve your name and wish for control into a black beeswax candle and anoint with Essence of Bend Over Oil

Add 13 drops of Essence of Bend Over oil to a atomizer filled with spring water and spray around the environment of the recalcitrant person.

Apply a drop of the oil to some object that your target will touch, such as a door knob or car door handle.