Four Thieves Vinegar by Lucky Mojo

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Four Thieves Vinegar by Lucky Mojo


Use Four Thieves Vinegar for personal protection, to control others, and create friction for those who are working against you. 4 oz.

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Four Thieves Vinegar contains genuine herbs, not synthetic flavors or fragrances. The ingredients in Four Thieves Vinegar include garlic, Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper, and other herbs and essences. 

The primary purpose of Four Thieves Vinegar is to provide personal protection from disease and magical attack, especially if the attack is ongoing and looks to continue for a time. In addition, it is used to strengthen you and weaken your enemies while you work to drive away unwanted people or to make a family quarrel and fall out among themselves.

Ways to use this vinegar:

Drink it by the teaspoonful or use it in salad dressing to provide powerful protection.

Add a spoonful to your bath water for a cleansing protection bath. 

Sprinkle or dash it against an enemy's doorsteps or serve it to an enemy as a condiment to protect yourself while you lay other tricks get them out of your life.