Lady Luck Oil by Lucky Mojo

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Lady Luck Oil by Lucky Mojo


Lady Luck is an old hoodoo formula designed to attract good luck, good fortune, and good times. 1/2 oz.

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Here is the red-headed lady with the 'Luck o' the Irish' holding a four-leafed shamrock in one hand and the proverbial left-handed monkey-wrench in the other! Lady Luck favours gamblers and risk-takers, from her horseshoe tiara, dice earrings, 8-ball brassiere, rabbit foot key-chain, and cute card-suit sarong, right down to the wishbone in her garter!

Lady Luck is an old hoodoo incense formula designed to attract good luck, good fortune, and good times. It is most often utilized as a part of magic spells to win at gambling, but it can augment the "luckiness" factor in love spell work as well.

Lady Luck Oil may be mixed and matched in any way that suits the practitioner, or may be teamed up with formulas from another line of goods, such as a financial or money luck formula like Money Drawing, or a passion and sexual love spell formula like Love Me.

How to use this oil:

Click on the video below for guidance on how to use spiritual condition oils.

Create a Luck bath by adding 13 drops of oil to your bath water.

Dress a red (for luck in love) or green (for luck in money) beeswax taper candle in an upward motion with the oil for magic rites and rituals.

Anoint your gaming tools such as dice or bingo daubers with a drop of oil.

Wear on your own body as a magical scent by applying several drops in an upward motion from feet toward head.