Separation Oil by Lucky Mojo


Separation Oil by Lucky Mojo


To drive two people apart, or allow you to depart from someone.  1/2 oz.

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Spiritual Oils are available for USA and Canadian orders only. Oils shipped outside of the US or Canada can be held up in your country’s customs or returned to us. For orders outside of the US/Canada, we substitute sachet powder with full instructions on how to use sachet in place of oil. If you have questions about shipping oils to your country, contact our shipping department at before ordering.

Some folks think of Separation Oil as a "weaker" form of our famous Break Up product line, but that is incorrect. Separation is not "weaker;" it is different -- it is deliberately made with a measure of healing and calming herbs as well as those that will tend to drive folks apart. Separation products are especially useful when there are issues of child support and child custody involved or when the parties who are breaking up will continue to be employed at the same job site or attend the the same school.

Separation Oil is designed to cause a couple to calmly move apart or stop seeing one another. They can be used to bring about an amicable divorce within your own marriage, to cleanly put an end to affairs or, as is most often the case, to put an end to school or job site cliques.

Separation candles, oils, powders, and incense are customarily used when the idea is for a calm, strong path toward disentanglement with no fights, problems, or left-over hard feelings.

For those wishing to resolve property issues in an well-intentioned split-up, Separation Oil may be blended with Court Case products. If child-custody issues are also part of the work, then King Solomon Wisdom spiritual supplies may be blended in as well.

If your goal is to cause fussing and fights, then Separation Oil alone is not the best choice for your work. Instead, you may do better to employ the related but harsher-acting Break Up Oil instead of -- or in addition to -- Separation Oil. 

The ingredients in Separation include rusty nails, plus other herbs and essences. Doing a Separation spell can be as simple as dressing black Divorce candles with the oil.

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