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Tarot Decks

Cartomancy is the art of reading cards. Tarot decks have been the tool of choice for serious cartomancers who find that the mystical imagery and deep symbolism help to open up intuitive insight. While there is a myth that a deck must be given to you, it is actually better to choose a deck that appeals to you, either because you connect to the artwork or because you feel an attraction to the theme of the deck. Give the deck a test drive and see if you get some divine messages from the images as you pull each card up.

Oracle Decks

Oracle decks are another means of using cards to tap into divine wisdom. Oracle decks often have words or phrases on them to assist you in understanding the message that your guides are trying to give you. The process is simple: ask a question, shuffle the cards until you feel that they are sufficiently mixed, cut the deck, put the deck back together and then turn over the top card. See how the answer relates to your question. If it isn’t clear to you at first, spend some time in reflection to see what message the guides have in relation to your question.

Playing Card Divination

While tarot cards are the tool of choice for most seers today, playing cards were the tool of choice for readers of generations past. Playing cards were easy-to-find and had a remarkable down-to-earth accuracy when used as a tool for readings. Playing cards also can be used as a magical tool and we have books and old-fashioned reproduction decks from over 150 years ago with which to do your spells. Check out our rare and unusual decks to work your special old-time magic.

Past Life Cards

For those of you who would like to explore your own past lives or the past lives of others, we offer several decks that will give you insight into who you were in a prior lifetime. The system for delving into past lives with a deck is easy: Get into a meditative space, ask the guides to show you a past life based on your connection to a person, an inexplicable attraction or a phobia to something, or just ask to see the past life that is most helpful to be aware of at this time. Shuffle, cut and turn over the top card to open the doorway into that lifetime and then close your eyes and envision the details of that lifetime.

Books on Cartomancy

Madame Pamita has written the definitive book on the tarot Madame Pamita’s Magical Tarot, the one that will help open you up to understanding the tarot even if you have had trouble comprehending it before. We also have other exceptional books on tarot, playing card oracles, and more forms of divination.

Tarot Bags and Tarot Cloths

Make your divination time extra special with dedicated bags to keep your tarot decks safe and energetically protected and tarot cloths that turn your tarot reading into a sacred ritual: silks, satins, and velvets with rich and deeply symbolic embroidery to make every reading an act of love and magic.

There are so many more magical things to discover at the Parlour of Wonders. Check out our complete selection of witchcraft tools and spiritual products.