The Magic Magnetism of Lodestones

The Magic Magnetism of Lodestones

By Madame Pamita


There are not too many things in the world that are still mysteries, what with Google being at everyone’s fingertips and Wikipedia being a click away. But lodestones are one of the few things that still confound scientists and, not surprisingly, are an amazing ally in magical work.

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a scientist. I longed for one of the chemistry sets that I saw in the Sears Catalogue and dreamed of being the next Marie Curie making the next world-shattering scientific discovery in my laboratory. (Some visitors to the Parlour of Wonders have commented that my workroom in the back resembles an old apothecary shop with its scales and beakers and jars and bottles and I take that as the highest compliment).

I never did get that chemistry set as a kid (God knows my parents were probably afraid that I would cause some serious mischief, and rightly so) but I made do and got books from the library about science experiments that you could do with things around the house. I remember getting one book in particular which featured experiments with magnets and, after getting a set of magnets from my dad, playing with them and making them do magical things. Who isn’t amazed by the magic of running one magnet under a piece of cardboard and making another dance around on top without touching it?

I wish I had known then about lodestones. I would have flipped my little 8-year-old junior scientist lid.

What Are Lodestones?

Lodestones are truly freaks of nature – they are naturally occurring magnets. That’s right. All magnets that we use, from the tiny ones on our fridge to the giant ones used to haul up cars in the wrecking yard are all manmade, but the first magnets were the ones the ancients found in nature. 

Geologists aren’t completely sure why only a small fraction of the magnetite found in the world is magnetized permanently (and becomes a lodestone), but the best conclusion they can come up with it that a lodestone is magnetite that has be struck by lightning and thus becomes a magnet. Ponder on this then: when you hold a lodestone in your hand, it’s like you’re holding all the power and energy of a thunderbolt in your palm! If that doesn’t blow your mind, I don’t know what will!

Lodestones as Magical Tools

The earliest recorded reference we can find about lodestones goes back to 600 BCE, but it’s almost certain that these magical stones were viewed with wonder and reverance and were used in spiritual and magical ways long before that.

However they were used in ancient times, today we use lodestones in attraction spells to bring in what it is that you are wanting: love, prosperity, good luck and so on. 

Lodestones have long been rightfully revered as a powerful amulet and in magic we use them many ways from placing them on altars to adding them to mojo bags. I’ve created two Hoodoo How To videos that feature the power of lodestones: one for love and the other for prosperity.

If you are wanting to attract more love into your life, whether someone known or a new love, you will want to check out the Lodestone Love Spell. If you’re wanting more prosperity and more money coming your way, then you’ll want to check out the Lodestone Prosperity Spell.

Either way, you’ll get so much out of these spells that tap into all that lodestone goodness!

A Lodestone Love Spell

A Lodestone Prosperity Spell

I hope you take a few minutes to watch these how to videos and learn how to really harness the power of these stones to use in your attraction spells.

(and if you’d like to check out more of my free spell videos, the head over to the How To Videos page.)

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