Custom Gift Basket


Custom Gift Basket

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Don’t see a basket here that is exactly right? We can custom make one for you!

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Pick your budget and pick your theme or occasion and we can create a custom basket that is absolutely perfect!

Choose the theme of the basket or choose the items you'd like us to include. We can customize a basket that fits the occasion (birthday, graduation, anniversary, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Hannukah, Winter Solstice, or thank you gift) or works around the intention that you'd like to convey.

We can also create baskets themed to your business or personalized with your logo.

Or you can choose the items you would like in the Gift Basket. Options include:

- A full-sized magic candle (with words of affirmation that they can use when lighting)

- A Flying Wish Paper Mini Kit (with instructions and materials for making 15 wishes that fly up into the air)

- A full-sized bag of Cone Incense (designed to bring some extra goodness)

- A bundle of California White Sage (for smudging out the bad and bringing in the good)

- A Clear Quartz Crystal Point (for amplifying the good vibes)

- An Oracle Card Deck (for enlightenment and encouragement)

- A Small Spell Kit (for bringing in happiness or luck)

- A Yak Bone Norse Charm (for success)

- An Assortment of Tumbled Gems (for health, wealth, love or happiness)

- A Gemstone Pendulum (for gaining divine wisdom)

- A Copy of "Madame Pamita's Magical Tarot" Book (for the fledgling tarot reader)

- A Deck of Tarot Cards (to gain enlightenment and wisdom)

To put together your custom gift basket or for large corporate orders, contact Marlene at