Guardian Angels Gift Basket


Guardian Angels Gift Basket


Let your gift recipient know that Angels are watching over them even when you’re far away.

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A beautiful and magical gift for someone who could use an angel. 

Wish someone the best with the gift of their own Angel kit. And there's no temptation involved, this gift basket is one-size-fits-all and is calorie-free, so it's the perfect gift for anyone!

Included in this gift basket are

- A full-sized Angels candle (with words of affirmation that they can use when lighting)

- A Flying Wish Paper Mini Kit (with instructions and materials for making 15 wishes that fly up into the air)

- A Clear Quartz Crystal Point (for attracting and amplifying the good vibes)

- A bundle of California White Sage (for smudging out the bad and bringing in the good)

We pack everything in an old-time wooden crate filled with excelsior and ship it to the recipient you designate. 

Make your gift even more special by adding a personalized message. We'll fill out a card and enclose it with your gift.

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