Witchcraft How To Videos: Baba Yaga’s Magic Podcast Episodes

Witchcraft How To Videos

Learn the basics of magic, manifesting and witchcraft from the comfort of your own home. These quick videos focus on one topic and show you how to do simple, yet effective, candle magic, divination, spell work and how to use magical tools.

Baba Yaga’s Magic Podcast

1. Who Is Baba Yaga?

Baba Yaga is one of the most well-known names in magic, but do you know her story? In this episode, we’ll explore this ancient spirit of feminine power and discover the real story behind the most famous Slavic witch.

2. Who Is The Domovyk?

In this episode of Baba Yaga’s Magic, you are going to meet a spiritual cousin of Baba Yaga – someone who’s not so well-known outside of Slavic cultures but is one of the most well-known spirits in Eastern Europe – the Domovy!

3. Who is The Lisovyk?

In this episode of Baba Yaga’s Magic, you are going to meet another Slavic Spirit – you can call him The Lord of the Woods of the Master of the Forest, you can call him Chuhaister or the kind one – but he is the Lisovyk! 

4. Ukrainian Egg Magic

You may have seen the beautiful and intricately decorated pysanky that Slavic people create around Easter time. Those eggs are powerful talismans for spiritual protection and blessings. But there is so much more to Ukrainian egg magic. In this episode of Baba Yaga’s Magic you are going to learn the magic of Ukrainian Eggs!

5. Slavic Ancestor Worship

We see the ancestors show up again and again in the old ways and beliefs. But do we need a connection to our ancestors? Why would we want to cultivate that relationship? And when we do decide to bring our ancestors into our spiritual practice, how do we do that? 

6. Rusalky – Slavic Water Spirits

We’re not going to be talking about the little mermaid in this episode. This one is all about the Rusalky – the ancient water spirits of Slavic lore and legend. Some say that the Rusalky are evil or treacherous spirits, haunting ponds and rivers, simply waiting for a hapless person to come by so that they can pull them down to a watery doom. But is that the real story?

7. Slavic Rainwater Magic

Water is really essential to life. All living things need water to survive, so it’s no surprise that ancient Slavic people rivered water and viewed it as magical and holy. That view has been passed down from generation to generation and still exists today. For spiritually aware Slavic people water was and is seen as a living thing with its own unique spirit.

8. Magical Foods in Slavic Spirituality

Food is magical! The food you take in, the food you give to others, and the food you offer to spirits can all be imbued with your spells, your energy, and your magic. Many cultures have magic spells that involve food, and there are many very special practices in Slavic and Ukrainian magic that involve the food we eat and drink.