Love Potion No. 9 Spell Kit


Here’s your little bottle of Love Potion No. 9! Brew your own powerful love potion to draw that special someone closer and closer.


    Here’s your little bottle of Love Potion No. 9 – Are you ready for true love? This tea has nine ingredients for nine times the power. Brew this blend of nine edible love herbs and serve it to your lover to invite true love into your life or drink it yourself to become a magnet for true love.

    This spell kit includes everything you see here: an old fashioned corked bottle, an old time hand stamped muslin bag and manila tag and full instructions for casting this sweet spell.

    Love Potion No. 9

    She looked at my palm and she made a magic sign

    She said: What you need is Love Potion No. 9

    Love Potions are a powerful way to bring your lover closer to you. Drink it yourself to bring a perfect lover in. Serve it to some one you desire to sweeten them up to you. Bathe in it alone for a luxurious love bath to draw in a lover or self love! Drink it (or bathe in it) with your partner to make your relationship and bond stronger.

    Various Uses for Potions of Love

    • Pour boiling water over in the herbs a magic potion infuser in an infuser and steep for 3-4 minutes

    • Add sweetener, if desired

    • Serve hot or cold

    • Alternatively, you may add one teaspoon of the loose leaf blend in an infuser to a bottle of wine or spirits and leave it to steep overnight to infuse it with love magic

    • Drink it yourself to draw a sincere lover closer to you

    • Serve it to someone else, with or without their knowledge, to draw them to you

    • Create a love ritual where you and your love drink Love Potion No. 9 together

    • This powerful potion of love can also be used as a sprinkle or spray to invite love into your home

    • Simply add the unsweetened potion to a spray bottle and spray in the air around you (avoid light color cloth that may stain) over a period of 9 days

    • The sachet or the potion infusion can also be added to bath water to make a powerful Love Bath.

    • Dry loose leaf herbs may also be sprinkled around candle spells meant to draw a lover closer.

    Learn More About Love Potion

    Check out all of our potion spell kits here. Want to know more about working with potions? Check out this video from Madame Pamita’s Youtube Channel:


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