Advanced Candle Magic Secrets

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In Advanced Candle Magic Secrets, you’ll learn how to add extra support and customization to your spell work in ways you never dreamed were possible.

In this workshop you’ll learn the secrets of complex candle spells including:

  • Designing a Spell
  • Choosing Candles
  • Numerology in Candle Spells
  • Advanced Timings
  • Multi Candle Spells
  • Multi Day Spells
  • Candle Spell Layouts
  • Pyromancy – Candle Flame Reading
  • Capnomancy – Candle Smoke Reading
  • Ceromancy – Candle Wax Reading
  • Creating a Complex Candle Plan
  • Recording spells in a Grimoire

Getting Started with Advanced Candle Magic

Advanced Numbers, Timing and Layouts

Candle Divination Techniques

Crafting an Complex Candle Spell