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Protection Spells HQ

Whether you want to protect yourself, your loved ones or your stuff, protection spells are powerful ways to enhance your safety and foster the wellbeing of those you love and want to protect. These spells are powerful allies in the creation and maintenance of your best life. They’re handy. They’re powerful. They’re here to help.

Protection Spells & How to Cast Them

We’ve collected our most popular protection spells and arranged them by category to make this big section easier to browse. Our goal is to help you identify exactly what you need. However, if you do not see here a spell you’re sure will fit your needs here, you can book a reading and we will diagnose your specific situation and recommend the right spell to address it. But first, check the categories below. We’ve got a lot of spells for a lot of situations, and we want nothing more than to help you make some protection magic.

Our Most Popular Protection Spells

Physical Protection

Spiritual Protection

Emotional Protection

Financial Protection

Fidelity in Relationship

Protect from Hexes & Curses

Angelic Protection

Protection While Traveling

Invisibility Spells

Protect from Institutions (IRS/INS/Etc.)

Protect from Interloper

Protect Your Property


Protection of House/Home

Spirit Guide Protection

Wiccan Protection Spells

Physical Protection Spells

Modeling Beeswax Poppet Spell Kit

Custom Spell Bottle Necklace

Spiritual Protection Spells

Powerful Protection Incense Spell Kit

Gargoyle Protection Spell Kit

Emotional Protection Spells

Change of Heart Spell Kit

Mental Influence Spell Kit

Financial Protection Spells

Seven Treasures Spell Kit

Money Curse Reversal Spell Kit

Fidelity in Your Relationship

Heart to Heart Spell Kit

Lovers Passion Spell Kit

Spells to Protect from Hexes and Curses

Curse Reversal Spell Kit

Energetic Purification Spell Kit

Angelic Protection Spells

Angel Spell Kit

Angelica Root (Cut/Organic)

Spells While Traveling

Protection Pocket Mojo Bag

Wormwood (Organic)

Invisibility Spells

Powerful Protection Mojo Bag (Triple Strength)

Powerful Protection Oil

Protection from Institutions (IRS, INS, Cops)

Black Hawk Candle Spell Kit

Santa Muerte Spell Kit

Spells to Protect Your Relationship from Interlopers

Shut Your Mouth Spell Kit

Love Curse Reversal Spell Kit

Protect Your Property

Palo Santo Stick Incense

Bona Fide Powerful Protection- Candle

Safety Spells

Powerful Protection Bath Crystals

Powerful Protection Mojo Bag Kit Regular Strength

Spells to Protect Your House or Home

Peaceful and Protected Home Spell Kit

Happy House Candle

Enlisting Spirit Guide Protection

Egyptian Queen Spell Kit

Egyptian King Spell Kit

Wiccan Protection Spells

Black Tourmeline Meditation Stones

Seven Knob Spell Kit