Protection Spells: Learn How To Cast Protection Spells & Protection Spell Kits

Whether you want to protect yourself, your loved ones or your stuff, protection spells are powerful ways to enhance your safety and foster the wellbeing of those you love and want to protect. These spells are powerful allies in the creation and maintenance of your best life. They’re handy. They’re powerful. They’re here to help.

Protection Spells & How to Cast Them

We’ve collected our most popular protection spells and arranged them by category to make this big section easier to browse. Our goal is to help you identify exactly what you need. However, if you do not see a spell you’re sure will fit your needs here, you can get a quick recommendation by emailing our in house spellcasters: TheLoveWitchNYC or Onareo.

Or you can book a reading and we will diagnose your specific situation and recommend the right spell to address it. But first, check the categories below. We’ve got a lot of spells for a lot of situations, and we want nothing more than to help you make some protection magic.

Our Most Popular Protection Spells


Physical Protection Spells

Physical protection is necessary if you work in a dangerous job, live in an unsafe place, or have to move through danger because of a sport of hobby. Physical protection means not getting injured or harmed, and while no spell can replace good common sense, when you want to prevent physical harm coming to you, there are some spells that will enhance your safety or protect your loved ones.

Two of my favorites are the Modeling Beeswax Poppet Spell Kit and the Custom Spell Bottle Necklace. If you want to create physical protection for a loved one who is far away or who may not want to do protection spell work for themself, a Beeswax Poppet lets you do it for them and they never need to know.

The Custom Spell Bottle Necklace, on the other hand, is something that you or your loved one can wear to provide spiritual protection and a reminder that your spirit guides are there watching over you.

Modeling Beeswax Poppet Spell Kit

A beeswax poppet is a versatile tool for doing spellwork on someone else – either because they are distant from you or because you don’t want them to know you are doing work on them. Choose the color that corresponds to your wishes. 

Custom Spell Bottle Necklace

Keep your magic with you wherever you go. Like a mini altar that travels with you to protect you, remind you of your connection to the sacred, and attract good things into your life, this bottle tiny spell is custom made by us to fit your spiritual needs exactly.

Spiritual Protection Spells

The guides have your back. Spiritual protection empowers your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors to surround you with a powerful burst of protection from all kinds of negativity, whether it is curses or hexes directed at you or stray negativity that you inadvertently pick up out in the world. The Powerful Protection Incense Spell Kit is perfect if you want to feel a comforting cloud of protection around you or in your space. The Gargoyle Protection Candle Spell Kit offers a more focused and fiery form of protection when you really need to feel safe.

Dragon’s Blood Protection Spell Soap

Dragon’s Blood is a powerful spiritual tool for guarding love and wealth and general protection spells. Spiritual soaps are excellent when you need a quick spiritual cleanse or to boost your protection work between spells. 

Gargoyle Protection Candle Spell Kit

Gargoyles are powerful guardians and the Gargoyle Protection Candle Spell Kit is the perfect spell when you need an extra strong dose of protection magic around yourself or your loved ones.

Emotional Protection Spells

When you are feeling emotionally vulnerable or sensitive, it may help to do some spells for yourself to bring in healing and protection. When we feel attacked by others, it can be not only comforting but strengthening to do a spell for emotional protection.

Not only can you do spells to protect your own feelings, you can do them for others, as well If you have a loved one who is taking things hard or overreacting to the circumstances around them, a protection spell can help them to have more emotional resilience and not let life circumstances or the people around them stop them from having the happiness that they deserve. Two of my favorite spells to protect the emotions are the Change of Heart Candle Spell Kit, to protect the heart and the Mental Influence Candle Spell to protect the mental state.

Change of Heart Candle Spell Kit

The Change of Heart Candle Spell Kit is formulated to turn someone’s heart toward love, reconciliation or sweet romance or to mend and strengthen your own heart or someone else’s.

Mental Influence Candle Spell Kit

The Mental Influence Skull Candle Spell Kit is used to influence another person’s mind and get them to think your way, or to get your own mind clear and pointed in a more productive direction.

Financial Protection Spells

Financial problems can cause you to worry about your future and the well-being of those you are taking care of. If your savings, investments, money, job, or other income is threatened, either by a person, a curse, or bad luck, you can help protect your finances with a protection spell.

A Seven Treasures Candle Spell Kit can be used to spiritually lock down your good fortune, protect it, while simultaneously opening up new opportunities. If you feel that your prosperity is being threatened by a hex, curse, or jinx , a money curse reversal spell can send that negativity back to its source.

Seven Treasures Candle Spell Kit

When we burn a Treasure Chest Candle Spell Kit, we are asking the Universe to unlock our blessings and protect what we have from theft or loss. The additional 6 colored thick tapers will open up blessings coming in from other unexpected directions too.

Money Curse Reversal Candle Spell Kit

If you have been cursed or crossed by someone and it is affecting your prosperity, turn it around and send the curse away from you and back to its source with the Money Curse Reversal Candle Spell Kit.


Fidelity in Your Relationship

If you have a relationship but want your partner to stop flirting, calling others, cheating,  or simply want them to be more committed to your relationship and faithful to you, then you may want to do a fidelity spell. 

Spells to strengthen the fidelity in your relationship are designed to keep your partner from running around – whether they are doing it behind your back or out in plain sight. 

Heart to Heart Candle Spell Kit Black

Heart to Heart Candle Spell Kit

The Heart to Heart Candle Spell Kit is used to bring two hearts together. You can do this candle to work on an existing relationship or use it to attract a true new love or friendship that will last the test of time. 

Lovers Passion Candle Spell Kit

The Lovers’ Passion Candle Spell Kit is used to ignite or reignite passion between you and a lover or to bring in a new lover who is passionate and sensual. This spell is for Love with a capital L. The kind of love that you read about in steamy romance novels.


Spells to Protect from Hexes and Curses

Whether someone has intentionally crossed you up with a jinx, hex, or curse or you have just picked up some unintentional stray bad vibes from the evil eye, you can remove the negativity with one of our spell kits. It’s useful to know the terminology: curses and hexes are spells that are cast to cause harm,  jinxes are spells meant to block someone from moving forward with their intentions, the evil eye is negativity caused intentionally or unintentionally by jealous glances. 

Curse Reversal Candle Spell Kit

If you have been cursed or crossed by someone, turn it around and send the curse away from you and back to its source with a Curse Reversal Candle Spell Kit – a complete double-action candle spell kit to turn things around.

Energetic Purification Spell Kit

if you just can’t get ahead or that whenever you make effort in a certain direction you are thwarted, then it may be time to clear out that old, stuck energy and open up your path to success with an Energetic Purification Spell Kit.


Angelic Protection Spells

Call on your angels, ancestors, or spirit guides to protect and bless your life. Each of us has a council of spirit guides around us who watch over us, bless us, and give us helpful messages if only we are willing to listen. You can call on your guides for protection at any time, but you may want to focus your request for assistance by casting a spell or carrying a special talisman. 

Angel Candle Spell Kit

Angels are our allies at the highest spiritual realms. Call on your angel guides when you need help in a specific area of your life. This Angel Candle Spell Kit is used for blessings to connect to your spirit guides or to work with your angels.

Miracle Pocket Mojo Bag

Invite the blessings of your angels with this comet-style mojo bag. It’s perfect for carrying in your pocket or purse and bringing miracles and bountiful blessings to you – work with it and feel the difference in your life.


Spells While Traveling

Whether you travel for fun or for your career, when you hit the road you may want to make sure that you are protected from danger and that you have a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Carrying a talisman or using a protective incense or smudge can add that extra layer of spiritual protection when you are away from home. 

Protection Pocket Mojo Bag

This comet-style mojo bag is perfect for carrying in your pocket or purse and bringing in a comforting protection. Carry it alone or alongside another pocket mojo in your pocket or purse and feel the difference in your life.

Mugwort Smudge – Wildharvested

Mugwort is a beautiful herb to use for protection while traveling – smudging yourself, your loved ones or even your car can spiritually protect you from danger and open the roads to you so that you avoid delays and problems. 


Invisibility Spells

When there are dangers around or negative people focusing their attention on you, the best strategy is to make yourself invisible to them. Invisibility spells don’t literally make you invisible, but they do make you unnoticed by others. This can mean either they no longer focus on you and move their attention elsewhere or that you can move unnoticed through risky spaces without attracting the attention of those who might harm you. Here are two of my favorite tools for spiritually putting that “cloak of invisibility” around you so that you can move around without being bothered.

Powerful Protection Mojo Bag – Triple Strength

When you feel that others may be jealous of you or out to do you harm, this Powerful Protection Mojo Bag is designed to put up a wall to block out the danger and keep you spiritually safe.

Powerful Protection Oil

Create a cloak of protection around you so that your enemies can’t find you. When someone or something is working against you, you can place a powerful aura of protection around you.


Protection from Institutions (IRS, INS, Police)

As a witch, you want to be able to practice your religion without worry. You might also worry about how to protect yourself from law enforcement and other institutions that may not understand your beliefs. Police brutality, lack of justice, and the inability of the system to protect the most vulnerable are all issues that have been plaguing the United States and many other countries.

Considering these events have been happening for years now, it’s no wonder that people turn to magic to protect them from the police and other institutions. The spells below are designed to help you feel protected from institutions like the IRS, the INS, police, FBI and any government agency that is out to get you.

Black Hawk Candle Spell Kit

Use this spell in a situation where you need the extra spiritual assistance of your guides. This spell is particularly effective in situations when you are faced with interference from people in power or institutions.

Santa Muerte Candle Spell Kit

Santa Muerte is the modern day Mexican folk saint who is descended from Mictecacihuatl, the ancient Aztec goddess of the underworld. She not only deals with issues of death, but can protect and assist in issues of life as well.


Spells to Protect Your Relationship from Interlopers

Most people, at some time or another, will be the victim of a someone flirting with their partner or even actively trying to break the two of you up. It is important for your relationship to stay strong. That’s one of the many reasons why you need to protect it. It is not always easy to combat breakups, infidelity, and divorce. It’s often hard to see when someone is interfering in your relationship with your significant other. If you’ve noticed this happening and your relationship with your partner is suffering, it might be time to do some spellwork to protect from interlopers.

Shut Your Mouth Candle Spell Kit

If others are speaking ill of you, talking about you, posting negative things about you on social media, this spell is designed to close the mouths of those who are dragging your name around and get them to leave you alone. 

Love Curse Reversal Candle Spell Kit

If you have been cursed or crossed by someone and it is affecting your love life, turn it around and send the curse away from you and back to its source with the Love Curse Reversal Candle Spell Kit.


Protect Your Property

Everyone who has ever owned a house or lived in an apartment wants to know how to protect their property. Whether you live in the country, the suburbs, or in an urban area, you can’t help but hear about people getting their cars broken into and having their homes damaged. If you feel like your property isn’t safe, that’s because it’s not!

Magical spells for property protection are a great way to keep your home and possessions safe from harm. They also offer a sense of safety and security that can never be achieved through more mundane methods. However, the first step is knowing what kind of protection you need. This will help you find the appropriate spells for your needs. Maintaining personal property such as homes and cars can be expensive, so it’s important to know how to protect them from potential harm. That is where spells come in! Spells can help you protect your possessions from intruders and thieves, as well as other kinds of harm like natural disasters and accidents.

Palo Santo Gift Set – Protection Stick Incense

The Palo Santo Gift Set offer the purity of real Palo Santo in an easy-to-use stick incense form. Bring in all the blessings of protection, cleansing and healing with this incense and collect the ash in the elegant ceramic tray for effortless clean up.

Powerful Protection Incense Spell Kit

Protect yourself, your loved ones, your property or your home from negative influences.  This blend is personally formulated by Madame Pamita to create a strong barrier against negative influences in and around your property. 


Safety Spells

Unfortunately, there are many different threats in the world that want to cause us harm. We have to deal with thieves who would prey on us, bullies who want to hurt us, and even people we love who may do things that we don’t like. It can be overwhelming at times.

Spells for safety have been around since the dawn of time. From protection spells to hexes, witches and sorcerers have been using them in various forms for centuries. With a history that goes back to ancient times, these spells are a staple in the craft.

All of us want to feel safe. Whether it’s from a fear of the dark or crime, we all want to be able to sleep soundly at night. That’s why safety spells are so popular. Why not use magic to feel that serene sense of security again?

Powerful Protection Bath Crystals

Use Powerful Protection Bath Crystals to create a strong barrier against spiritual mischief. It includes herbs and essential oils to block spiritual incursions, deflect evil intentions, and create a powerful spiritual barrier.

Powerful Protection Mojo Bag Kit – Regular Strength

When you feel that others may be jealous of you or out to do you harm, this Powerful Protection Mojo Bag is designed to put up a wall to block out the danger and keep you spiritually safe. Put it together yourself with our kit or order it assembled for you.


Spells to Protect Your House or Home


If you have been feeling uneasy in your home, if you have been sensing a presence that is not from this dimension, or if you have experienced any sort of paranormal activity in your home, it is time to cast a protection spell to ward off the evil. These candles and spell kits provide spiritual protection for all who dwell in the house and ward off any intruders.

Whether you are looking to protect your home against burglars or any other unwanted guests, these spells are perfect for you. They can also help create a peaceful atmosphere in your home where negativity cannot thrive.

Peaceful and Protected Home Spell Kit

You want your home life to be tranquil and you want troublemaking people and spirits to stay away. This simple and elegant spell uses dual efficiency of two powerful herbs to calm energies and protect the home.

Beeswax Happy House Candle

The Happy House candle is a powerful tool for working magic on your home or household. If you need to protect your home from negativity or unwanted spirits or people, this candle can be the foundation for your spellwork. 


Enlisting Spirit Guide Protection

Spiritual protection is a powerful force that can be used to ward off any negativity and evil. There are many different types of spiritual protection you can use, but spirit guides are one of the most powerful. When you are connected to your spirit guides, they will protect you from anything that comes your way.

Spirit guides love to offer us protection. They can be there to help you through an intense situation, or they can be there as a light in the dark. If you’ve been feeling attacked or have been going through a hard time, a spell to invite the protection of your spirit guides can offer solace and safety.

Egyptian Queen Candle Spell Kit

Access the protection of royalty. Use the Egyptian Queen Candle Spell Kit to create an aura of confidence and empowerment and the protection that the Queen commands. Call on the queens of yore to encircle you with protective energy.

Egyptian King Candle Spell Kit

Connect with the spirits of the pharaohs for their power and protection with the Egyptian King Candle Spell Kit and call on the powerful guards, soldiers, and advisors at their command to powerfully protect you from all evil-doers.


Wiccan Protection Spells

You may be a witch or a warlock and not even know it. If you’ve ever cast a spell, used a talisman for protection, called on the goddesses and gods, then you may already be one!

Spells are a form of magic that can be used for a number of different purposes. One of the most common spells is a protection spell. Casting a protection spell can help to keep you safe from harm, or keep your loved ones safe from harm. It’s important to always have some kind of protection because you never know when something might happen.

These powerful tools can be used in your Wiccan rituals to bring about the protection that you desire.

Black Tourmaline Meditation Stones

Black Tourmaline is the ultimate crystal protector. It is excellent at banishing negative energies, destructive forces and energetic vampires. Use this crystal as a protective shield during spiritual work.

Seven Knob Candle Spell Kit

Access the power of seven! This Seven Knob spell is burned over the course of seven days to bring in seven wishes and give seven times the power to your protection. The focused intention over seven days can truly empower your spell.