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Join the Spell Squad and get a free copy of Madame Pamita’s ebook Seven Secrets to Supercharge Your Spellwork. This 33-page full-color illustrated book contains these chapters:

  • What is Magic?

  • Oils are Easy!

  • Incense Sets the Mood (And Then Some)

  • Nature is Your Friend

  • Focus with a Candle

  • If You Want Something, Ask for It.

  • If It Is Broke, Fix It!

  • But Madame Pamita, What If It All Goes Horribly Wrong??!!

  • Wrapping It All Up

A treasure trove of magic secrets to make your spellwork amazing! It sells for $20 but is Madame Pamita’s free gift for all Spell Squad members.

There is so much available at the Parlour of Wonders. Check out all the free practical guidance for spell casting and more available on our Learn page.

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