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Join My Free Live Magic Q&A Tea Party

Join my free magic Q&A tea party

New Format! Join me as I spill the tea about spells, tarot, the law of attraction, past lives, spirit guides and all things magical.

Each episode begins with the recording of a Magic and the Law of Attraction podcast episode about a specific magical topic and is followed by me answering your questions about anything and everything.

Every Sunday, I offer this free live Q&A – Just log in over Zoom or call in on the phone and ask questions via chat and I will answer them! It’s the next best thing to having a cup of Earl Grey with me!

Click on the calendar on this page to see what the upcoming episodes will be. You’ll get a free magical education in our little clubhouse.

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Upcoming Topics

November 27  – Troubleshooting a Spell That Didn’t Work
December 4 – No Q&A – Didukh – Slavic Winter Holiday Rituals Workshop
December 11  – Liminality and Slavic Magic
December 18  – How to Use the Tarot for Manifestation
December 25 – No Q&A — Merry Christmas!
January 1 — No Q&A — Happy New Year!
January 8 — Holy Mother Earth
January 15 — Getting Started With Protection Magic
January 22 – Slavic Healing and Uncrossing
January 29 – Speeding Up Magical Results
February 5 – Witchcraft Workshop TBA
February 12 – Slavic Incantations
February 19 – How to Make Your Bath Time Magical