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Madame Pamita First Sundays Witchcraft Workshops

First Sundays Witchcraft Workshops

Get an in-depth look at some of the most interesting facets of magic, spells and witchcraft at these live Zoom intensives. Learn more…

Egyptian King New Moon Spell Kit

Full Moon and New Moon Workshops 

Get a spell kit sent directly to your home and then join Madame Pamita twice each month for hands-on workshops designed around the Full and New Moons. Learn more…

Madame Pamita Virtual Party

Free Live Magic Q&A with Madame Pamita

Meet me every Sunday (except First Sundays) for a free Zoom gathering! Show up for the live recording of the Magic and the Law of Attraction podcast and stick around to ask Madame Pamita your questions about Magic, Spells, Spiritualism and more! Learn more…

Madame Pamita at Catland Ritualcravt and Other Workshops

Catland and Ritualcravt Workshops 

Catland Books and Ritualcravt  host Madame Pamita in rotation of online workshops about Magic and Spells. Learn more…

Madame Pamita Spiritual Session

Madame Pamita’s Tarot Academy 

Join Madame Pamita for Beginning, Advanced and Professional-level live online tarot workshop series. Each level is five weeks and is highly interactive. Learn more…

Full Moon Spell Kit and Workshop

Academy of the Magical Arts

The Academy of the Magical Arts is an online course series where you can learn about magic at your own pace. Coming soon! Learn more…

New Moon Spell Kit and Workshop

Other Magic Events

Madame Pamita does book signings, live classes and special events both in person and online. Learn more…

YouTube Spells and Magic Workshops

Madame Pamita on YouTube 

Madame Pamita has a wide assortment of classes and learning materials available for free on YouTube. Learn more…

Madame Pamita Professional Tarot Certification

One of my greatest passions is teaching others about magic, spells, witchcraft, spiritualism, the law of attraction and divination and watching them blossom.

– Madame Pamita

First Sundays Witchcraft Workshops

Join me for the First Sundays Witchcraft Workshops each month for a new online workshop where I’ll be guiding you through an immersive magical topic, teaching you how to apply it to your daily practice. These workshops are led by me and are fun, educational, and quite frankly, life changing!

On the first Sunday of every month we gather live over Zoom for a 1-2 hour magical intensive where we dive deeply into a magical topic and learn how to apply it to our daily practice.

Can’t make the live session? No problem! Everyone who registers will receive a link to the recording 24 hours after the workshop.

First Sundays Witchcraft Workshops take place on the first Sunday of the month at 5pm Pacific/6pm Mountain/7pm Central/8pm Eastern.

Madame Pamita First Sundays Witchcraft Workshops
Holiday Spells and Magic Workshop

December 5 – Holiday Spells and Magic

The holidays are a special time of the year when we get together and celebrate with loved ones and set intentions for the new year to come. There are some amazing magical traditions and special spells associated with this time of year and you can add them to your traditions to make the season even more magical.

No magical experience is necessary and people of all spiritual paths are welcome.

Everyone who registers will receive a recording of the class 24 hours after the workshop.

Workshop cost: $40

Spaces are limited! To reserve your spot:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


January 2 – No Workshop – Happy New Year!

February 6 – Powerful Sigil Magic

March 6 – Working with Crystal Balls

April 3 – Pysanky – Talismanic Slavic Egg Magic

May 1 – Motanky – Slavic Spirit Dolls

June 5 – Vinoky – Magical Slavic Flower Crowns

July 3 – No Workshop – Happy Independence Day!

August 7 – Vyshyvanky – Slavic Talismanic Embroidery

September 4 – Vylyvaty Visk – The Slavic Wax Pouring Ritual

October 2 – Vereteno – Slavic Spinning Magic

November 6 – Zhyvyy Vohon’ – Slavic Living Fire Magic

December 4 – Didukh – Slavic Winter Holiday Rituals

December Sagittarius New Moon Open My Treasure Candle Spell Kit

New Moon and Full Moon Spell Kits and Workshops

Step into your power and make magic happen on the New Moon or the Full Moon with these limited edition spell kits and workshops. Spells are cast during these potent moon phases to bring in positive and powerful energy and can be used for anything from love to career to protection to healing. 

Workshops are available for purchase one week out of the year and the hands-on workshops take place over Zoom two days before the New Moon or the day before the Full Moon. Don’t worry if you can’t make the workshop session live – we’ll send a recording of the workshop to all who registered 24 hours after the workshop.

The Spell Kit and Workshop option includes:

  • A deluxe spell kit shipped to your address.

  • An exclusive live Zoom workshop with Madame Pamita where you will create your spell step-by-step and learn the meaning behind each significant element of the spell.

  • Live Q&A during and after the workshop where you can ask questions and get answers about your spell.

  • You can attend live or watch the recording of the workshop afterward.

To order this option, select New Moon Spell Kit and Workshop.

To get a reminder email when sales go live, go to the desired spell kit and click “Join Waitlist” and add your email address.

To get a reminder text, text the word “MOON” to 310-510-6184



December Full Moon Petition Paper Workshop 

  • Available for Purchase Nov 27-Dec 3
  • Workshop is on Dec 17 

December New Moon Pyramid Candle Workshop

  • Available for Purchase Dec 12-Dec 18
  • Workshop is on Dec 30

January Full Moon Jack Ball Workshop

  • Available for Purchase Dec 27-Jan 2
  • Workshop is on January 16

January New Moon Psychic Awakening Candle Workshop

  • Available for Purchase Jan 11-Jan 17
  • Workshop is on January 29

February Full Moon Love Bath Workshop

  • Available for Purchase Jan 25-Jan 31
  • Workshop is on February 15

March New Moon Open Heart Candle Workshop

  • Available for Purchase Feb 10-Feb16
  • Workshop is on Feb 28

March Full Moon Empowerment Incense Workshop

  • Available for Purchase Feb 24-Mar 3
  • Workshop is on March 16

March Full Moon Empowerment Incense Workshop

  • Available for Purchase Feb 24-Mar 3
  • Workshop is on March 16

April Full Moon Prosperity Lodestone Workshop

  • Available for Purchase Mar 25-Mar 31
  • Workshop is on April 15

May Full Moon Lucky Mojo Bag Workshop

  • Available for Purchase Apr 24-Apr 30
  • Workshop is on May 14

June Full Moon Love Poppet Workshop

  • Available for Purchase May 24-May 30
  • Workshop is on June 13

July Full Moon Knot Charm Workshop

  • Available for Purchase Jun 22-Jun 28
  • Workshop is on July 12

August Full Moon Rose of Jericho Workshop

  • Available for Purchase Jul 22-Jul 28
  • Workshop is on August 10

September Full Moon Spirit Bottle Workshop

  • Available for Purchase Aug 21-Aug 27
  • Workshop is on September 9

October Full Moon Passion Incense Workshop

  • Available for Purchase Sep 19-Sep 25
  • Workshop is on October 8

November Full Moon Success Potion Workshop

  • Available for Purchase Oct 19-Oct 25
  • Workshop is on November 7

Free Live Magic Q&A

Do you have questions about magic? I have answers!

Join me as I spill the tea about spells, tarot, the law of attraction, past lives, spirit guides and all things magical.

Each episode begins with the recording of a Magic and the Law of Attraction podcast episode about a specific magical topic and is followed by me answering your questions about anything and everything.

Every Sunday, I offer this free live Q&A – Just log in over Zoom or call in on the phone and ask questions via chat and I will answer them! It’s the next best thing to having a cup of Earl Grey with me!

Click on the calendar on this page to see what the upcoming episodes will be. You’ll get a free magical education in our little clubhouse.

To join me, just sign up to be a part of the Spell Squad and you’ll get the link to meet me on Sunday at 5PM Pacific/6PM Mountain/7PM Central/8PM Eastern*.

If you can’t make the meeting this week, don’t worry! Check the calendar here to see when I’ll be popping in next or check out the past sessions that I post on YouTube.

*To convert to your time zone, check out

Upcoming Topics

December 5 – First Sundays Witchcraft Workshop – Holiday Spells and Magic
December 12 – Creating a Pyramid Spell
December 19 – Why Herbs are Used in Magic
December 26 – What’s the Difference Between Wishes and Intention

2022 Schedule coming soon!

Catland and Ritualcravt Workshops

Madame Pamita teaches workshops through Catland Books on the last Wednesday of each month at 4PM PT/5PM MT/6PM CT/7PM ET. All workshops are recorded and all registrants will be emailed a link to the recordings 24 hours after the workshop.

For more information about these workshops and to reserve your spot, go to

December 29 – Magical Cleansing

Get a fresh start for the New Year! Learn Madame Pamita’s favorite spiritual cleansing techniques to remove energetic funk, curses, jinxes, and blocks for yourself, your loved ones, your home and your place of work. No prior experience is required and people of all spiritual paths are welcome.

Madame Pamita’s Tarot Academy

Do you struggle understanding the Tarot?

Do you wish you knew how to read the cards effortlessly?

Would you like to be able to turn your love of the Tarot into a lucrative career? 

Would you like to learn to read Tarot in a live virtual setting where you can practice with others online in a safe learning space?

Madame Pamita’s Tarot Academy has classes for every level from beginner through professional tarot readers. 

Not only do you NOT have to memorize the meaning of the cards, I will free you from tarot books and you’ll be doing readings from our first meeting!

Each workshop series takes place in five live Zoom sessions of 2 hours each. You’ll gain the most experience practicing one-on-one with other students in a safe and supportive environment, but if you have to miss a class or want to review, you’ll have the recordings to watch afterwards.

Academy of the Magical Arts

Coming soon! An online video school where you can select the courses that you want to learn, watch them whenever it’s convenient for you and learn at your own pace.

Other Magic Events

Have you ever wanted to learn the ways of folk magic? Whether you call it witchcraft, hoodoo, rootwork, conjure, or magick, Madame Pamita offers unique hands-on classes in magic and spellcasting at live and virtual events all over.

Madame Pamita is the author of the books Baba Yaga’s Book of Witchcraft (Llewellyn), The Book of Candle Magic (Llewellyn), Madame Pamita’s Magical Tarot (Weiser Books), and Seven Secrets to Supercharge Your Spellwork (Parlour of Wonders). Come to a book signing event and you can meet Madame Pamita and purchase a book with a personalized inscription. Can’t make it to an event? No problem! You can purchased a signed copy of her books at the Parlour of Wonders book section.

Madame Pamita on YouTube

Do you want to get a taste of working with Madame Pamita? Check out her extensive library of YouTube content on the How To Videos page.

Past Workshops

Madame Pamita brings her virtual traveling magical medicine wherever you are! Would you like Madame Pamita to give a virtual workshop through your favorite metaphysical shop, virtual convention, or virtual event? Contact us at and let us know!

Palmistry-Tarot Mashup! Jim Barker and Madame Pamita

Hands tell a story. Like a secret language revealing your inner thoughts and messages, the position of the hands and fingers can tell us what someone else is thinking and feeling. In this fun, interactive workshop, tarot author Madame Pamita and palmistry scholar Jim Barker look at the positions of the hands in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck and decipher the secret signals they’re sending us and gain a deeper understanding of palmistry, tarot and human nature.

Making Friends with the “Scary” Tarot Cards

Death! The Devil! The Tower! The Swords! These are the cards that everyone dreads seeing in a reading, but are they always a dire warning of doom, misery, and destruction? Tarot scholar, Madame Pamita, discusses the history, mystery and meaning of the dark and brooding cards of the tarot. With this discussion, you’ll gain some interesting perspectives and expand your own relationship with these cards for a richer and more nuanced reading of their energies.

Making Magic Words – Powerful Petition Papers for Your Spells

Petition papers, spell papers, intentional words – no matter what you call these written spiritual requests, they are a powerful part of your spell work. In this hands-on workshop you’ll learn how to make several different kinds of powerful petition papers for candle spells, mojo bags and more.

Past Lives Workshop

Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve had a life before this one? If you’re an old soul, then you most definitely have had dozens, if not hundreds, of lifetimes where you had a variety of experiences that make you who you are today. In this workshop, past life reader and healer, Madame Pamita, will teach you about past lives, how to identify people whom you’ve had a past life with, how to do a past life reading for yourself or others, and will take you through a guided meditation to discover one of your own past lives.

Intro to Tarot

Have you always wanted to learn the tarot but became frustrated with the idea of having to memorize the meanings of 78 cards? Well, you don’t have to! In this fun and interactive introductory workshop, you will learn how the tarot works and open your mind to learn how to read the cards intuitively.

Make Magic with Tarot Spell Packets

While many people are aware that the tarot is an amazing system for accessing deep spiritual wisdom, what most haven’t realized is that it’s also a powerful and practical tool for manifesting all that we dream and desire. In this hands-on workshop, Madame Pamita will teach you how to take those extra tarot cards you have lying around and turn them into talismans for truly magical change. Go beyond the valley of the fortune teller and use your tarot deck to manifest your best life.

Beginning Candle Magic Foundations

Fire is the element of energy, will and action. Take matters into your own hands and make magical changes in your life by harnessing the element of fire through candle magic! In this fun hands-on workshop, master candlemaker and candle magic teacher, Madame Pamita, will teach you the differences between the types of candles used in magic, how to choose a candle for maximum spell effectiveness, how to prepare, dress and bless a candle, when to light a candle and how to dispose of candle remains. You will prepare your own candle spell to take home and make some magic!

Advanced Candle Magic Intensive

Lighting a single vigil candle is great, but have you wanted to do beautiful, Instagram-worthy, customized complex spellwork? In this hands-on workshop, master candlemaker and candle magic teacher, Madame Pamita, will show you how to choose the right candles for your spell intentions, dressing and blessing multiple candles for maximum effectiveness and how to dispose of candle spell remains. You will create a multi-candle personal power spell to take home to your personal altar.

Magical Natural Incense Making Workshop

Burning Incense is one of the oldest recorded magical rites. If you’ve never incorporated incense into your magic, or have relied on store-bought incense, this hands-on workshop will give you the skills and confidence to make and use incense in ways you never thought possible. Madame Pamita will show you how to tap into the power of incense for your spellwork and how to make a non-combustible personalized incense blend and incense cones – both from all natural ingredients. You will take home both to burn at home during your rituals and spells.

Make Your Own Mojo Bag

Get your Mojo workin’! Mojo Bags are pocket talismans that come to us through the African-American Hoodoo tradition. In this hands-on workshop, Madame Pamita, will teach you about these powerful charms and guide you step-step-by-step as you make a Mojo Bag for improving your luck, love or prosperity.

Magical Tea Leaf Reading

“Would’st thy fortune like to see? Perchance this cup will show it thee.” Tea leaf readings are so magical and so fun! In this hands-on workshop, Madame Pamita will show you how to make tea into a potion and then how to read the leaves. Take away your own magical tea blend, a proper reading cup and the skills to make your next tea party something truly mystical and memorable.

Crystal Ball Magic

There is so much magic that can happen with a crystal ball! In this hands-on workshop, Madame Pamita will not only show you how to do traditional crystal ball scrying, but also how to use your crystal ball for amplifying your spellwork, creating a psychic link to loved ones far away and opening up a channel to your spirit guides.

The Old Magic of Ukrainian Eggs

The egg is an ancient tool of magic going back to paleolithic times. In this workshop, we’ll be learning the legends and lore of the egg in Slavic magic, the powerful symbols on pysanky (decorated eggs) that can be added to your spells and how you can make ancient krashanky (eggs dyed with herbs and other natural dyes) and use them magically for your spellwork.

Meet the Old Slavic Spirits

In Old Slavic Magic traditions, nature is alive and the world is seen as a magical place filled with spirits. Join Ukrainian diaspora witch, Madame Pamita, as she takes you on a journey through the magical world of the old Slavic Spirits. You’ll meet the beautiful Rusalky, playful and sometimes dangerous mermaids of the lakes and rivers; the shy Leshy, spirits and guardians of the forest; the Domovyk, the helpful house spirit; and more!  Learn how to honor and perhaps even meet these spirits. No prior experience is required and people of all spiritual paths are welcome.

The Myth and Magic of Baba Yaga

Many people know Baba Yaga as the wicked old witch of many Slavic fairytales, but she is so much more! Is she just a scary ogre who eats children or is she the embodiment of something much more powerful? Join Ukrainian diaspora witch, Madame Pamita, as she takes you on a journey through the story of Baba Yaga back to the ancient shamanic origins of this magnificent crone spirit. You’ll learn rituals for honoring Baba Yaga as well as the ways that you can invite her blessings. No prior experience is required and people of all spiritual paths are welcome.

Powerful Protection Magic

It’s a dangerous world out there – you need protection! Protection Magic is some of the oldest magic known to humanity. In this workshop, we’ll explore different spiritual ways – simple and complex – for putting up a shield of protection around yourself, your loved ones, or your space.

Making Magical Poppets

Creating poppets is a powerful way to do sympathetic magic for healing, influencing, blessing, or cursing. Whether you call them poppets, doll babies, or “voodoo dolls,” these powerful magical tools go back to the most ancient times and can be used for affecting magic on yourself or another person at a distance. In this workshop, I’ll teach you three different traditional methods for crafting these dolls, how to work with them coercively and non-coercively, and instructions on how to use them in several positive spells.

You can make magic! Check out all the learning tools we offer get some free instruction in the principles of magic.