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Madame Pamita Professional Tarot Certification

One of my greatest passions is teaching others about magic, spells, witchcraft, spiritualism, the law of attraction and divination and watching these eager students blossom.

– Madame Pamita

First Sundays Witchcraft Workshops 2024

Join me for the First Sundays Witchcraft Workshops each month for a new online workshop where I’ll be guiding you through an immersive magical topic, teaching you how to apply it to your daily practice. These workshops are led by me and are fun, educational, and quite frankly, life changing!

On the first Sunday of every month we gather live over Zoom for a 1-2 hour magical intensive where we dive deeply into a magical topic and learn how to apply it to our daily practice.

Can’t make the live session? No problem! Everyone who registers will receive a link to the recording 24 hours after the workshop.

First Sundays Witchcraft Workshops take place on the first Sunday of the month at 5pm Pacific/6pm Mountain/7pm Central/8pm Eastern.

Madame Pamita First Sundays Witchcraft Workshops
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Step into your power and make magic happen on the New Moon with these limited edition spell kits, workshops or group spell services. Spells are cast during this potent moon phase to bring in positive and powerful energy and can be used for anything from love to success to protection to prosperity. 

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Full Moon Workshops 2024

Learn the magic behind the magic with the entire series of masterclasses to empower your spiritual practice. Join Madame Pamita for a Full Moon Workshop every month or give a Full Moon Workshop subscription to a special friend for a magical gift that will keep you in their mind all year long!

Whether you are just starting to learn witchcraft or have been practicing for years, this series promises to deepen your understanding of the magic behind the spells and rituals – making even your simplest spellwork pop with power.

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The Academy of the Magical Arts

On-demand video workshops in your favorite magical topics: in-depth knowledge meets total convenience. 

If you’d like to learn at your own pace and take a class whenever you want, check out these offerings at The Academy of the Magical Arts.

Each class is broken down into bite-sized modules that you can take at your own pace. Sit down and binge them all or take them a few minutes at a time.

Madame Pamita

Join My Free Live Magic Q&A Tea Party

Join me as I spill the tea about spells, tarot, witchcraft, past lives, spirit guides and the intersection of magic and the law of attraction.

Every Sunday (except the first Sunday of the month), I offer a free live Q&A – Just log in over Zoom or call in on the phone and come hang out with me. You can ask questions via chat and I will answer them or you can just watch and learn! It’s the next best thing to having a cup of Earl Grey with me!

To join me for the Q&A, just sign up to be a part of the Spell Squad and you’ll get the link to meet me on Sunday at 5PM Pacific/6PM Mountain/7PM Central/8PM Eastern.

Madame Pamita’s Tarot Academy

Do you struggle understanding the Tarot?

Do you wish you knew how to read the cards effortlessly?

Would you like to be able to turn your love of the Tarot into a lucrative career? 

Would you like to learn to read Tarot in a live virtual setting where you can practice with others online in a safe learning space?

Madame Pamita’s Tarot Academy has classes for every level from beginner through professional tarot readers. 

Not only do you NOT have to memorize the meaning of the cards, I will free you from tarot books and you’ll be doing readings from our first meeting!

Each workshop series takes place in five live Zoom sessions of 2 hours each. You’ll gain the most experience practicing one-on-one with other students in a safe and supportive environment, but if you have to miss a class or want to review, you’ll have the recordings to watch afterwards.

Register today! This once-a-year workshop series starts October 6, 2024

Beginning Tarot Series with Madame Pamita

Have you always wanted to learn the tarot? Go on a five-week  journey with Madame Pamita to understand the tarot from the very beginning or see the tarot in new and clear ways in the Beginning Tarot Workshop Series.

Tarot doesn’t have to be intimidating. We’ll have an amazing adventure together as we explore the fundamentals of reading tarot. You’ll start tapping into your intuition and practicing with other students from day one and have so much fun along the way!

Madame Pamita Tarot

Advanced Tarot Series with Madame Pamita

Are you ready to go on a five-week  journey with Madame Pamita to explore the tarot even further and do real readings with multiple cards? Then join me in the Advanced Tarot Workshop Series.

You’ll deepen your relationship with the tarot and feel confident as a reader as we expand our knowledge of the tarot. You’ll build your skills doing real readings in a safe and supportive environment, get plenty of practice with other students, and build your own tarot community of like-minded readers.

Madame Pamita Professional Tarot Certification

Professional Tarot Certification Series with Madame Pamita

Is it time to turn your passion for tarot into a thriving and lucrative business? The Professional Tarot Certification Series will take you from tarot lover to building your tarot empire.

The Professional Tarot Certification Series includes 5 weekly Zoom groups sessions,  two one-on-one sessions with Madame Pamita, access to the exclusive Platinum Tarot Tearoom – a private online forum just for professional-level students, weekly Tarot Biz Booster calls – a midweek pick-me-up to inspire and motivate you.

Private Witchcraft Coaching and Mentoring

If you would like the personalization of private one-on-one magical tutoring or wish to explore something beyond my traditional offerings, Individual Instruction is perfect for you.

Madame Pamita offers two bespoke one-on-one programs in witchcraft, rootwork, spells, divination and magic: The 30-Day Magical Mindset Makeover and Mastering the 13 Tools of the W.I.T.C.H. These lessons are individualized to focus on exactly the skills you wish to learn at exactly your level of knowledge and training. Each program is an intensive that offers daily practices to amplify your empowerment. 

Other Magic Events

Have you ever wanted to learn the ways of folk magic? Whether you call it witchcraft, hoodoo, rootwork, conjure, or magick, Madame Pamita offers unique hands-on classes in magic and spellcasting at live and virtual events all over.

Madame Pamita is the author of the books Baba Yaga’s Book of Witchcraft (Llewellyn), The Book of Candle Magic (Llewellyn), Madame Pamita’s Magical Tarot (Weiser Books), and Seven Secrets to Supercharge Your Spellwork (Parlour of Wonders). Come to a book signing event and you can meet Madame Pamita and purchase a book with a personalized inscription. Can’t make it to an event? No problem! You can purchased a signed copy of her books at the Parlour of Wonders book section.

Madame Pamita on YouTube

Madame Pamita

Do you want to get a taste of working with Madame Pamita? Check out her extensive library of YouTube content on the How To Videos page.

You’ll find free video lessons on 

  • Candle Magic
  • Mojo Bags
  • Herbal Magic
  • Cleansing Baths
  • Poppet Magic
  • Incense Spells
  • Spiritual Oils
  • Spiritual Sachet Powders
  • and more!

Past Workshops

Madame Pamita brings her virtual traveling magical medicine wherever you are! Would you like Madame Pamita to give a virtual workshop through your favorite metaphysical shop, virtual convention, or virtual event? Contact us at and let us know!

Madame Pamita (she/her) is a Ukrainian-American witch, teacher, award-winning candle maker, spellcaster, tarot reader and a best-selling and award-winning author. She has a popular YouTube Channel for teaching witchcraft, she hosts the “Magic and the Law of Attraction” and “Baba Yaga’s Magic” podcasts and she is the author of Baba Yaga’s Book of Witchcraft, The Book of Candle Magic, Magical Tarot and Cancer Witch (co-written with Ivo Dominguez, Jr.). She is also the proprietress of the online spiritual apothecary, the Parlour of Wonders and lives in Santa Monica, California. You can find her at

Advanced Candle Magic Intensive

Lighting a single vigil candle is great, but have you wanted to do beautiful, effective, customized complex spellwork? In this hands-on workshop, master candlemaker and candle magic teacher, Madame Pamita, will show you how to choose the right candles for your spell intentions, dressing and blessing multiple candles for maximum effectiveness and how to dispose of candle spell remains. You will create a multi-candle personal power spell to take home to your personal altar.

Apple Magic

An apple a day keeps the doctor away…but is that all apples are good for? In this workshop, Madame Pamita will take you on a journey teaching you the history, mystery and magic of the amazing apple. Apples appear in legend and lore for good reason – they are a powerful magical tool! She’ll teach you how to do an apple wassail, the way we work our magic at apple harvest holidays around the world, the connection between the apple and the witch’s pentagram, spells with apples, traditional apple divinations and so much more! You’ll never look at an apple the same way again. Have some apples and a knife on hand for the workshop and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn! No magical experience is necessary and people of all spiritual paths are welcome.

Baba Yaga: The Myth and Magic of Baba Yaga

Many people know Baba Yaga as the wicked old witch of many Slavic fairy tales, but she is so much more! Is she just a scary ogre who eats children or is she the embodiment of something much more powerful? Join Ukrainian diaspora witch, Madame Pamita, as she takes you on a journey through the story of Baba Yaga back to the ancient shamanic origins of this magnificent crone spirit. Open the bony fence, enter into the hut on chicken legs, and ride in her mortar and pestle. You’ll learn about her connection to the fiery oven, weaving and spinning, her children the forest creatures, and rituals for honoring Baba Yaga and inviting in her blessings.

Beginning Candle Magic Foundations

Fire is the element of energy, will and action. Take matters into your own hands and make magical changes in your life by harnessing the element of fire through candle magic! In this fun hands-on workshop, master candlemaker and candle magic teacher, Madame Pamita, will teach you the differences between the types of candles used in magic, how to choose a candle for maximum spell effectiveness, how to prepare, dress and bless a candle, when to light a candle and how to dispose of candle remains. You will prepare your own candle spell to take home and make some magic!

Candle Flame Reading

Fire takes us back to our most ancient ancestor. In a tech-heavy world, the flame brings us back to our core spiritual practice and connects us deeply to the transformative magic in the element of fire. Join Madame Pamita and learn how to work with the candle flame for your magical goals, read candle flames (pyromancy), and meditate with fire.

Candle Wax Reading

Cat Magic

Comb Magic

Crystal Ball Magic

There is so much magic that can happen with a crystal ball! In this hands-on workshop, Madame Pamita will not only show you how to do traditional crystal ball scrying, but also how to use your crystal ball for amplifying your spellwork, creating a psychic link to loved ones far away and opening up a channel to your spirit guides.

Dukh: The Old Slavic Spirits

In old Slavic traditions, nature is alive and the world is seen as a magical place filled with spirits. Join Ukrainian Diaspora witch, Madame Pamita as she takes you on a exciting journey to meet the little Domovyk who is master of the home, the giant Lisovyk who is Lord of the Forest, the enticing Rusalky who frolic in the rivers and fields and more. On the way, you’ll discover the ancient history of these delightful and sometimes dangerous creatures and learn how to honor them to gain their favor and perhaps even be lucky enough to meet them (and what to do, if you do!) 

Incense Making Workshop

Burning Incense is one of the oldest recorded magical rites. If you’ve never incorporated incense into your magic, or have relied on store-bought incense, this hands-on workshop will give you the skills and confidence to make and use all natural botanical incense in ways you never thought possible. Madame Pamita will show you how to tap into the power of incense for your spellwork and how to make a non-combustible personalized incense blend and incense cones – both from all natural ingredients.

Love Magic

Love makes the world go round. Whether you want a hot and heavy new romance or a deeper connection with your current loved one, we got a spell for that! Join Madame Pamita as she teaches you foundational magical principals and shares some of her best love magic secrets. You’ll walk away with knowledge, inspiration and practices that you can implement right away to bring in an improved love situation. This workshop is suitable for people of all spiritual paths, gender identification, and sexual orientations.

Love Potions

Love potions sound so difficult but they are quite do-able! In this workshop, Madame Pamita will teach you what a potion is, why they are powerful, how you can use potions safely and ethically, and the recipes for seven different magical love potions you can make at home.

Magic Mirrors

Making Friends with the “Scary” Tarot Cards

Death! The Devil! The Tower! The Swords! These are the cards that everyone dreads seeing in a reading, but are they always a dire warning of doom, misery, and destruction? Tarot scholar, Madame Pamita, discusses the history, mystery and meaning of the dark and brooding cards of the tarot. With this discussion, you’ll gain some interesting perspectives and expand your own relationship with these cards for a richer and more nuanced reading of their energies.

Make Your Own Mojo Bag

Get your Mojo workin’! Mojo Bags are pocket talismans that come to us through the African-American Hoodoo tradition. In this hands-on workshop, Madame Pamita, will teach you about these powerful charms and guide you step-step-by-step as you make a Mojo Bag for improving your luck, love or prosperity.

Mastering the Pendulum for Spirit Contact, Divination and More

If you’ve been using your pendulum only for yes/no questions, you have only touched the tip of the iceberg. If you’ve never used a pendulum before, you’ll find it a fascinating divination system that offers instant gratification. In this workshop, Madame Pamita will guide you in some of the most exciting ways you can use a pendulum in your practice: using a pendulum for recall, finding lost objects, dowsing, addressing health issues, amplifying affirmations, enhancing spell work, telepathy, past lives and more!

Meet the Old Slavic Spirits

In Old Slavic Magic traditions, nature is alive and the world is seen as a magical place filled with spirits. Join Ukrainian diaspora witch, Madame Pamita, as she takes you on a journey through the magical world of the old Slavic Spirits. You’ll meet the beautiful Rusalky, playful and sometimes dangerous mermaids of the lakes and rivers; the shy Leshy, spirits and guardians of the forest; the Domovyk, the helpful house spirit; and more!  Learn how to honor and perhaps even meet these spirits. No prior experience is required and people of all spiritual paths are welcome.

Mermaid Magic

Mermaids are not just fairytale creatures from someone’s imagination, these beautiful spirits are real and you can work with them to make magic and access the otherworlds. Join Madame Pamita as she takes you on a virtual journey to the watery deep explore the history of mermaids and mermaid goddesses throughout the world. If you’ve ever wanted to frolic with the merfolk, you’ll learn real techniques for accessing their world. Learn how to do merfolk magic, create mermaid altars, meditate with the sea spirits, treat yourself to a mermaid bath and, most importantly, connect deeply with these graceful and powerful spirits of the waters.

Moon Magic

Are your spells not producing the results that you want? It could be a matter of spell timing. Witches across the eons and all over the world have used the moon to enhance their spell work, but do you know how to incorporate this moon magic to maximize your spell’s effectiveness? In this workshop, Madame Pamita will be covering moon mythology, the importance of spell timing, working with the waxing and waning moon, working with the different lunar phases in our magic, accessing the power of moonrise and moonset, working with lunar eclipses, utilizing lunar astrology in our spells, and she’ll even share a few of her favorite secret moon spells. 

Mortar and Pestle Magic

Motanka: Slavic Spirit Dolls

You might have seen the Russian nesting dolls called Matryoshka, but did you know that there is a Slavic doll that’s thousands of years older and much more magical? The Motanka is a special Ukrainian doll that people have been making for millennia as a spirit house for their ancestor spirits. It is made without stitches and without a face and is crafted simply by winding and tying off fabric. These unique Ukrainian dolls are magical and empowered and a very traditional folk magic tool. Learn to make one of these ancient dolls alongside Madame Pamita and use it in your craft to give a cozy lodging to your ancestors, protect you, bless your home, and so much more. 

Palmistry-Tarot Mashup! Jim Barker and Madame Pamita

Hands tell a story. Like a secret language revealing your inner thoughts and messages, the position of the hands and fingers can tell us what someone else is thinking and feeling. In this fun, interactive workshop, tarot author Madame Pamita and palmistry scholar Jim Barker look at the positions of the hands in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck and decipher the secret signals they’re sending us and gain a deeper understanding of palmistry, tarot and human nature.

Pich: Slavic Hearth Magic

The pich, the big wood stove found in every Slavic home in days past, was more than just a place to cook food or warm the house. It was also the place where the house spirit lived: the domovyk, the lord of the house, the guardian of the home, and the embodiment of our ancestors. Join Madame Pamita as she teaches the Slavic magic of Living Fire and connecting with your domovyk.

Past Lives Workshop

Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve had a life before this one? If you’re an old soul, then you most definitely have had dozens, if not hundreds, of lifetimes where you had a variety of experiences that make you who you are today. In this workshop, past life reader and healer, Madame Pamita, will teach you about past lives, how to identify people whom you’ve had a past life with, how to do a past life reading for yourself or others, and will take you through a guided meditation to discover one of your own past lives.

Petition Papers: Magic Words for Your Spells

Petition papers, spell papers, intentional words – no matter what you call these written spiritual requests, they are a powerful part of your spell work. In this hands-on workshop you’ll learn how to make several different kinds of powerful petition papers for candle spells, mojo bags and more.

Poppet Magic

Creating poppets is a powerful way to do sympathetic magic for healing, influencing, blessing, or cursing. Whether you call them poppets, doll babies, or “voodoo dolls,” these powerful magical tools go back to the most ancient times and can be used for affecting magic on yourself or another person at a distance. In this workshop, I’ll teach you three different traditional methods for crafting these dolls, how to work with them coercively and non-coercively, and instructions on how to use them in several positive spells.

Powerful Protection Magic

It’s a dangerous world out there – you need protection! Protection Magic is some of the oldest magic known to humanity. In this workshop, we’ll explore different spiritual ways – simple and complex – for putting up a shield of protection around yourself, your loved ones, or your space.

Prosperity Magic

Gimme money, that’s what I want! If you are ready to open up the floodgates of abundance and make it rain for yourself, prosperity magic is what you need. Join Madame Pamita on a money magic adventure where you’ll learn the special secrets to open up your financial flow. Learn the important differences between abundance, prosperity and money spells, the special herbs, colors, and gemstones that can bring abundance your way, the secret techniques for manifesting prosperity, and ways that you can build not just money for today but long-lasting wealth. You’ll get step-by-step instructions for five different exceptional money spells that really work and also learn the method for telling if your spell is working. No magical experience is necessary and people of all spiritual paths are welcome.

Psychic Plant Magic

Pysanky and Krashanky: The Old Magic of Ukrainian Eggs

When the warmth of the sun returns in spring, Slavic people create intricately decorated eggs called pysanky. These gorgeous eggs are decorated with nature symbols and become an integral part of spring rituals, serving as benevolent talismans. The traditions of making these magical eggs goes back thousands of years back to the most ancient ancestors. These powerful talismans are encoded with color and ancient motifs that imbue them with blessings and protective powers. In this workshop, we’ll be learning the legends and lore of the egg in Slavic magic, the powerful symbols on pysanky (decorated eggs) that can be added to your spells and how you can make ancient krashanky (eggs dyed with herbs and other natural dyes) and use them magically for your spellwork.

Rose Magic

Rozdorizhzhya: Slavic Crossroads Magic

Meet Madame Pamita at the rozdorizhshya, the crossroads, a sacred and magical liminal place. For Slavic people, the crossroads, or rozdorizhzhya, is a sacred and magical location, a liminal place, a portal between the material world and the otherworld.  It is a space that can empower your spells and divinations, but it is also a tricky location where things might go awry for the unaware. The rozdorizhshya can be used for attracting abundance, but it can also be the site for picking up a curse. It is a place where divinations and incantations are magnified, where talismans and amulets are hung or buried for empowerment. The crossroads is a place where all places and directions meet, where time has no meaning, and where magic crackles in the air. Join Madame Pamita as she takes you on a journey to discover the magic of the crossroads and learn how to work with this space that can empower your spells and avoid the problems that can occur for the unaware.

Secret Candle Spells and Hidden Magic

Candle magic is so outwardly witchy but what if you can’t be out with your magic? Madame Pamita shares her tips, tricks, and secrets on how to do candle magic on the down low. You’ll learn how to load a candle, how to disguise a spell candle, and how to do your most secret magic in plain sight.

Sigil Magic

Sigils are a powerful way to create spells and intentions for a magical result and all they require is a pen and paper. Learn how to craft your own personal sigils for love, prosperity, protection and more in this hands-on workshop.

Slavic Magic: Intro to Slavic Magic

In the modern era when we seem to be able to access any information at the touch of a keyboard, there is one area of magic that still has so much to be discovered: Slavic magic. The magic and witchcraft of the Slavic lands has remained buried for centuries, first by Orthodox Christianity and then by the Soviet Union, and it is only now that the unique folkways and beliefs of the Slavic people are being discovered and reclaimed. Join Madame Pamita on an adventure where you will learn about the Slavic Lands, the unique Slavic practices, Slavic pagan deities and spirits, ancestor worship, magic charms and more.

Spiritual Cleansing

Get a fresh start any time of year! Learn Madame Pamita’s favorite spiritual cleansing techniques to remove energetic funk, curses, jinxes, and blocks for yourself, your loved ones, your home and your place of work.

Spiritual Oils in Your Magic Practice

Spiritual oils are easy, versatile, and are powerful ancient tools for your spell work. Join Madame Pamita and learn how to use Spiritual Oil blends in your magic. Learn why oils are an absolute must in your spiritual arsenal and how to make your own blends for your most special spells. 

Spiritualist Candle Services

Candle services were incorporated into Spiritualist Services at the turn of the century and early part of the 20th century. Madame Pamita will teach you how these group services were done to connect to the spirit world and how to create your own personal Spiritualist Candle Service.

Sun Magic

Witches have a natural affinity for the moon, but if you’re not also working with the sun, you’re missing out on an amazing resource of power, energy and strength in your magic. In this workshop, Madame Pamita will help you to think creatively about sun magic. You’ll learn what the sun brings to your spellwork, how you can use the sun in directional magic, sun legends, lore and deities, how you can optimize timings for spells based on the sun, the special sun holy days and how to use the energy of eclipses in your magic. She’ll even share some of her favorite sun spells that you can do at home.

Tarot Spell Packets

While many people are aware that the tarot is an amazing system for accessing deep spiritual wisdom, what most haven’t realized is that it’s also a powerful and practical tool for manifesting all that we dream and desire. In this hands-on workshop, Madame Pamita will teach you how to take those extra tarot cards you have lying around and turn them into talismans for truly magical change. Go beyond the valley of the fortune teller and use your tarot deck to manifest your best life.

Tea Leaf Reading

“Would’st thy fortune like to see? Perchance this cup will show it thee.” Tea leaf readings are a centuries-old form of divination that are beautiful, meditative and creates a deep connection to your intuition. Tea leaf reading is also mystical, magical and fun! In this highly interactive workshop, Madame Pamita will teach you the secrets of reading the leaves. You’ll learn how to choose the perfect tea and cup, you’ll explore the tea leaf reading ritual, you’ll begin to master the special techniques for seeing and translating the symbols, and you’ll get to practice your skills in reading the leaves. By the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to confidently read for yourself, your friends or even professionally. Have a white tea cup and loose leaf black tea if you’d like to try your hand at reading at home, however, the workshop can be completed with no materials.

Vinok: Magical Slavic Flower Crowns

The vinok, or Slavic flower wreath, is very old magic. There are records of magical wreaths going back three thousand years, but it is believed that the use of wreaths in magic goes back even further to before written history. Wreaths were worn not just to adorn, but to bless and protect the wearer. There are special traditional herbs and flowers used for particular spells,  traditional days for collecting and making vinoky and special methods for collecting those plants. Once they are made, there are special spells and divinations that can be done with your vinok. It’s all so magical! In this workshop, Madame Pamita will teach you how to collect magical plants, how to make a few different types of vinoky and how to do spells and divination with your magical wreath. No materials are needed and no prior magical experience is necessary for this workshop, but a basic understanding of folk magic is helpful. People of all spiritual paths and ancestry are welcome.

Voda: Slavic Water Magic

Slavic people from the most ancient times have revered rivers, lakes, seas, wells, gentle rains, and springs. Water is seen as living or dead, healing or depleting and is the special domain of spirits such as the Rusalky and Vodyanyk. Join Madame Pamita as she teaches the magic of water in the Slavic tradition.

Vylyvaty Visk: Slavic Wax Pouring

Vylyvaty Visk, or wax pouring, is a traditional Ukrainian ritual used to cleanse and clear fears and anxiety. The ceremony combines cleansing, exorcism, and divination magic and is performed by the grandmothers or elder women of the village. Learn this ancient magic with Madame Pamita as she teaches you the secrets of this powerful folk ritual. While this practice was once widespread, it was driven underground during the 20th century and nearly completely lost. Madame Pamita will teach you the origins of wax pouring, Slavic beliefs about curses, the evil eye and fear and how they can negatively affect an individual, and the power of the Baba Sheptukha, or grandmother whisperer. She’ll also reveal to you the steps of vylyvaty visk, an often closely-guarded and secretive practice, as it was practiced by her own grandmother. 

Vyshyvanky: Slavic Talismanic Embroidery

You may have admired the beautiful embroidered Slavic blouses called vyshyvanky with their cross stitched designs along the arms and across the chest that are worn by Ukrainian men and women but did you know that these pretty patterns are actually encoded talismans for protection, health, abundance and love? In this workshop, you’ll learn how to decipher the encoded traditional symbols and how to make your own embroidered talisman for your intentions. 

Winter Solstice Magic From Around the World 

The holidays are a special time of the year when we get together and celebrate with loved ones and set intentions for the new year to come. There are some amazing magical traditions and special spells associated with this time of year and you can add them to your traditions to make the season even more magical.

Witches Ladders and Knot Spells

Do you know the ancient art of knot magic? Have you ever crafted a Witches Ladder for protection? The ancient magical art of Ligatura goes back to prehistoric times and in this workshop Madame Pamita will be joining you in exploring the magic and history of knot spells, diving deeply into the advantages and creative elements of knot magic, and learning how to do simple and more complex knot spells. You’ll get some practical step-by-step instruction for seven different kinds of knot spells, including the magical and protective Witch’s Ladder. Bring a 13-inch piece of ribbon, yarn, cord, or string so we can create a knot charm together!

You can make magic! Check out all the learning tools we offer and get some free instruction in the principles of magic