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Money spells are powerful ways to increase your prosperity and generate greater wealth. They are potenet and effective, but this kind of magic can draw skepticism, too. Usually that’s because there is a misunderstanding about how money spells work (and how they don’t work). Before we move into specific spells and supplies, let’s clear up the confusion.

Money Magic 101

Money magic is all about working with the energy of money. Like a pipeline, we need to open and maintain the energetic flow of abundance. The single most important way to do this is to be in a state of gratitude and appreciation for both money coming in and money going out. It’s a two-part process.

Gratitude for money coming in

Incoming: When we have gratitude and appreciation for money coming in, our pipeline is open. That’s easy when we think about receiving a large amount of money but it’s trickier (though equally important) to be in gratitude and appreciation with money we usually overlook. Imagine finding a dime on the pavement. Instead of thinking, “Oh, that’s just a dime,” the trick is to notice and appreciate the appearance of that dime, receive it gratefully and open ourselves to the same energy of joy and delight we’d feel with a vastly larger sum. Got it? Good.

Gratitude for money flowing out

Outgoing: A healthy pipleline is all about flow – and flow requires that what comes in at one end goes out the other. It’s the same with money. The vibration of appreciation works both ways and it is every bit as important to feel it when money is flowing out. What?! Money magic is a whole lot easier to master when you are grateful for what you received that enables you to spend. Try this first with an inexpensive purchase you are excited about making because this is easier when the spending is fun and low stakes. Feeling that easy excitement? Excellent! Your gratitude pipeline is flowing.

Ready to get a little more advanced? Consider this…

When we pay our bills, it’s common to lament that we have to spend money on things that may be necessary but aren’t necessarily fun. Time for a reframe. Next time you pay a bill, find that feeling of gratitude that comes with incoming money and use that feeling, being in appreciation for what you have received that enables you to spend on that bill. Make sense?

This is a discipline that takes practice. But it’s important and oh so worth it. Now, how can spells help?

Easy Money Spells: The Power of Vigil Candles

Easy money spells are just that: easy. There are specific money spells for lots of circumstances and diving deeply into specifics helps get to the root of the issue. But there are also two easy money spells that work for almost all situations where the goal is more. More money. More abundance. More prosperity. More more more. If you’re looking for a simple way to manifest more prosperity, you can’t go wrong with general-purpose, easy (and powerful) candle magic.

Abundant Prosperity Vigil Candle

Ready to feel the energy of abundance and stand in the flow of prosperity? This candle supports exactly that. Energetically charged to blow past the basic prosperity blocks and open the floodgates. It’s both beginner friendly and expert approved.

Magnetic Attraction Vigil Candle

When it’s time to attract everything that you desire, including love, money and luck, this broad and multi-purpose candle is your ally. Become a magnet for all you desire with this multi-purpose powerhouse, a popular choice of professionals and newbies alike.

Steady Work Vigil Candle

Steady work is a key to professional success. This candle works equally well whether you want a new job or are seeking a promotion as you climb the corporate ladder. It’ll bring clients to the self-employed and open opportunities for you to shine.

Money Spells & How to Cast Them

To make it easy for you, we’ve arranged our spells by categories based on popular requests. If there is something specific you need that you do not see here, you can book a reading and we will diagnose your specific situation and recommend the right spell to address it. But first, check the categories below. We’ve got a lot of spells for a lot of situations, just waiting to help you make some magic.

Prosperity Spells

Abundance Spells

Luxury and Wealth Spells

Fast Money Spells

Job and Career Success

Gambling Luck

Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mama

Thriving Business

Protect Your Money

Attract Clients or Customers

Remove a Money Curse

Owed Money? Get It Back

How to Cast a Money Spell

Create a Money Altar

Prosperity Affirmations

Is My Money Spell Working?

Prosperity Spells

There are many prosperity spells that bring great results, here are three of our most popular:

Money Miracle Plant Spell Kit

Prosperity Mojo Bag Kit

Pyramid Spell Kit

Abundance Spells

Abundance spells are about more than money, they focus energy on an abundance of all the good things in life. That’s what this magic is all about. Next to the vigil candles listed first on this page, here are our most popular.

Abundant Prosperity Spell Kit

Seven Treasures Spell Kit

Abundant Money Incense Spell Kit

Wealth and Luxury Spells

For some of us, a bath can feel like the height of luxury. Other spell casters prefer to wear a mojo bag to keep the energy alive and present wherever they go. And of course, candle spells are powerful and popular ways to wealth and luxury. Whichever method appeals most, we’ve got you covered with these popular wealth and luxury spells:

Money For Me Spell Kit

Seven Knob Spell Kit

Magnetic Attraction Mojo Bag Kit 3x

Fast Money Spells

When it’s gotta be now, you need the best fast money spells. Our favorites are right here because we know time is of the essence.

Abundant Prosperity Oil

Magnetic Attraction Bath Crystals

Prosperity Mojo Bag (Triple Strength)

Spells for Job and Career

Our Most Popular Spells for Job and Career

Steady Work Spell Kit

Perfect Career Incense Spell Kit

Steady Work Oil

Spells for Gambling Luck

Gambling luck is a special kind of success spell and we’ve got you covered.

Good Luck Potion Spell Kit

Gambler’s Lucky 7 Mojo Bag (Triple Strength)

Lucky Clover Spell Kit

Looking for a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mama?

Sometimes there’s nothing like a little sugar or a big sugar to make life easier. If your plans for living on easy street include finding someone to finance your life, you’re in the right place.

Laughing Buddha Spell Kit

Magnetic Attraction Bath Crystals

Magnetic Attraction Oil

Spells for a Thriving Business

What’s that you say? You’re done with scarcity and are ready for your business to thrive? Perfect. We’ve got you covered with these excellent thriving business spells.

Prosperous Business Incense Spell Kit

Fame & Fortune Mojo Bag (Triple Strength)

Egyptian King Spell Kit

Protecting Your Money

Keeping your money with you and protecting what’s yours is a whole big subject but we’re going to cut to the chase. If you could use a little help in money matters like this, here are the spells that help.

Powerful Protection Mojo Bag (Triple Strength)

Gargoyle Protection Spell Kit

Powerful Protection Vigil Candle

Attract More Customers and Clients

Whether you’re looking for more money through clients or customers it’s all about abundance. These are your spells:

Abundant Prosperity Bath Crystals

Fame & Fortune Incense Spell Kit

Lucky Cat Spell Kit

Remove Curses and Hexes

Money Curse Reversal Spell Kit

Van Van Cleansing Mojo Bag (Triple Strength)

Cleanse & Clear Incense Spell Kit

Ready to Get that Money You are Owed?

We’re putting the finishing touches on the perfect magical tools for this task. Stay tuned.