Magical Services

Magical Services

Magic and Intentional Living

Intentional living and a little help from the magical arts can help you change your circumstances and help you connect with your highest self. What does it mean to live intentionally? It means consciously making life happen on your terms instead of letting life just happen to you. When you make the shift, you’ll start living a life that is filled with passion, joy, and fulfillment.

Are you ready to make positive changes? Start by booking a tarot card reading, past life session or spirit guide session. In your session, we can discuss a spell plan for your particular situation, if you like. And don’t forget to place your petition on our free community altar.

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Are you ready to embrace intentional living? Madame Pamita offers several different kinds of sessions to help you navigate your life and connect to your highest self. Book a Tarot Reading, Past Life Reading, or Spirit Guide Session to access deep intuitive wisdom or book a Candle Spell Reading so that she can interpret the remains of any candle spells that you have done yourself.

Madame Pamita is a professional teacher and loves to empower you with the skills to be able to do magic yourself. If you’ve never done a spell before, don’t let that hold you back. You can book a session for Individual Instruction and she will give you advice and step-by-step guidance in magic, witchcraft, spell casting or tarot. You can do it!

Professional Spellcaster

Not able to do magic for yourself? No problem! If you would like magical help in changing your circumstances for the better, Madame Pamita and her team also offer Spellwork services to assist you in living your best life. These candle spells are done personally by us with love and the highest level of skill and integrity. With each spell, you receive a photo of your candle alongside a placard with your name and the date printed on it, so that you can be sure that the work is yours and is being done. When your spell is complete, you will receive a photo showing the remains of your spell so that you can interpret them and know what your next steps are.

Tarot Card Reading for Your Party or Event

Would you like to bring the fun and magic of a tarot card reading to your virtual online party or event? Hire Madame Pamita to read the tarot for your guests and make your event even more memorable. Madame Pamita can give your guests the positive and uplifting experience of a tarot reading. Everyone loves to get their fortune told and your guests will have a enlightening and positive experience that will remember for years to come.

Free Community Altar

At the Parlour of Wonders, we believe that magical services should be accessible to all and that’s why we offer a free community altar where you can place your intentions, petitions, and prayers at no charge. Mail or message your petition to us and we’ll place it on our altar for the month and receive our love and support for your good outcomes.