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How To Manifest Abundance With Your Spirit Guides


Bring on your dream team who can help your prosperity.

How to Manifest Abundance
making a magic love mirror

Making a Magic Love Mirror


Ancient and Powerful Magic to Enhance Your Magnetism.


Where Do Tarot Cards Get Their Power?


Learn the best way to approach a tarot card reading.

Prosperity Magic with The Money Miracle Plant

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but this plant can create financial miracles


7 Things to Know Before Getting Started With Witchcraft

The myths and misconceptions about witchcraft might surprise you.

7 things to know before getting started with witchcraft
working with the spirit of black hawk

Working with the spirit of Black Hawk

Black Hawk is particularly attracted to helping those who are fighting social injustice.

What to Do When Tarot Cards Don’t Make Sense

5 Ways to Decipher a Tarot Card When It Seems Too Confusing.

pinning down your magic spells

Pinning Down Your Magic Spells

The old time practice of using straight pins in magic can bring focus to your spells.

How Do You Find Your Spirit Guide?

You Can Meet Your Spirit Guides Easily By Following These 7 Steps

How Do You Find Your Spirit Guide?
How To Begin Casting Herbal Magic Spells

How To Begin Casting Herbal Magic Spells

One of the easiest ways to tap into the magic of the natural world is through the power of plants.

How to Do a True Healing Spell

Healing magic is real but the way it works is surprising.

How to Do a True Healing Spell
Which Tarot Queen are You?

Quiz: Which Tarot Queen Are You?

You know you are a Queen – Now find out which Tarot Queen represents you!

What is Essential Oils Witchcraft and How Do I Do It?

Working with essential oils for spells is empowering and easy.

Essential Oils Witchcraft
How to Turn Tea Into a Magic Potion

How to Turn Your Tea Into a Magic Potion

Did you know that drinking tea can be a great way to do magic?

3 Things To Know Before Doing Hoodoo Magic Love Spells

Love spells may not be the solution to all complicated love situations.

Before doing hoodoo magic love spells

Doing Snow Magic to Make Your Winter Wishes Come True

Wintertime is the perfect time for doing magic and snow is beautiful for doing wishes and spells.

How To Meet Your Spirit Guide & Change Your Life For The Better


It’s not hard to meet your spirit guide, all you have to have is the willingness to connect with them.

how to meet your spirit guide
Magical rituals for new year

Magical Rituals for New Year's Wishes

Clothing, food, and drink can all bring in good luck for the New Year!

Make Holiday Magic With The Gift Of 13 Magical Wishes

Holidays are perfect for making magical wishes.

Make Holiday Magic With 13 Magical Wishes​
A Magic Potion to Make Your Party the Best

A Magic Potion to Make Your Party the Best EVER!

Serve up a little magic and make your home happy for the holidays.

Ho'oponopono: The Spiritual Practice That Can Heal Your Heartbreak

The Hawaiian reconciliation practice of Ho’oponopono can create almost miraculous transformations.

Ho'oponopono Practice to Heal Heartbreak
Witch's Magic Spell Box

6 Ways To Make Your Dreams Come True By Creating A Witch's 'Magic Spell Box'

Working with a Magic Spell Box will create a sacred space for your wishes to come true.

The 3 Things You Must Do To Manifest Your Dreams

Adopt these three habits and you will change your life in powerful and positive ways.

Manifest Your Dreams
Your Spirit Guides are Sending You Messages

8 Ways That Your Spirit Guides Are Sending You Messages


Our guides are always sending us messages, but how can we identify them?

66 Exciting Ways You Can Meet New People (& Maybe Even Your Soulmate)

Meeting new people doesn’t have to be scary.

Meet Your Soulmate
10 spirit guides trying to connect with you

10 Different Spirit Guides Who May Be Trying to Connect With You


Do you want to know who your spirit guides are? Here’s how you will recognize them.

11 Ways You Can Make Some Serious Magic with the Full Moon


You can make some powerful Full Moon Water to do some serious moon magic.

make magic with the full moon
Use incense to Cast Love Spell

8 Incredible Ways You Can Use Incense to Cast a Love Spell

Incense is an amazing tool for doing love spells (or any kind of magic, for that matter).

The Magic Love Spell Herb That Will Make You Irresistible

Use this root in your magic spells and have the sexy confidence of a queen…

Magic Love Spell Herb

3 Traveling Spells for Vacation Magic


Do these travel spells to make sure your vacation goes perfectly

What Does It Mean When I See 11:11?


Your Spirit Guides have a message for you!

Is Witchcraft Evil

Ask a Witch: Is Witchcraft Evil?


The answer I give might surprise you.

3 Ways To Make Magic Love Potions From Ingredients In Your Kitchen (That Really Work!)

You can make a real love potion with ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen.
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