Madame Pamita’s Spellwork Services

We Love Candle Spell Work

When I say that I love candle spells, I mean I love them so much, I wrote the book on them: the best-selling book, The Book of Candle Magic.
For all of us here at the Parlour of Wonders, candles and candle spells are our life passion. We handcraft all our beeswax candles and create them with the love and extra magic that make our spell candles the very best out there. 
We offer candle spell kits with full instructions so that you can do-it-yourself, but if you’d like a little extra help, or can’t burn a candle at home, we can do it for you.  If you’re not sure which spell is best for your situation, you can get a quick recommendation by emailing our in house spellcasters: TheLoveWitchNYC or Onareo.
– Madame Pamita
New Moon Spell Service Hearth Altar

The New Moon Spell Service is a very special monthly candle service that Madame Pamita offers. Each month, she lights 13 candles on her hearth altar on the New Moon for 13 special clients. These highly optimized spell castings take advantage of a lot of concentrated power to make powerful and positive spiritual changes in your life.

This is a beautiful ritual for you to participate in as a small group of like-minded individuals with similar (but totally unique to each one of you) intentions for your spells. Madame Pamita will lovingly prepare and customize your candle with the herbs, oils and support candles that will empower your particular spell.

There are only 13 spaces opened each month at noon Pacific time on the day designated in the description.

To reserve your spot, click the link below.

Parlour of Wonders Vigil Candle Altar

Vigil Candle Spell Services are a cost-effective way to have magic done by experienced and caring spellcasters. Let us set lights for you on our Parlour of Wonders altar.

When you order a Vigil Candle Spell Service, you send us your petition, or intention, for the spell. We will bless and dress a full-sized vigil candle, load it with the essential oils and herbs designed to spiritually assist you and then light the candle while focusing our own intentions on what it is that you would like to attain.

When the candle is lit and again when the spell is complete, we will take a photograph of it with a name placard identifying that the spellwork is for you and you alone. 

Order the optional candle report and we will schedule a 15 minute Zoom session where we will give you a detailed candle report and advise you as to what actions would be helpful to reach your goals, and what to expect from the work. If you’re not sure which spell is best for your situation, you can get a quick recommendation by emailing our in house spellcasters: : Onareo  Onareo or TheLoveWitchNYC.

Custom Candle Spell Service

If your situation is more complicated and nuanced, then a Complex Candle Spell Service can be the best option. A Complex Candle Spell is a completely bespoke service with each element of the candle spell designed specifically for your intentions. 

We select the master candle, support candles, herbs, and oils that best suit your intentions. All Complex Candle Spells are completely customized to you and you alone. 

Each Complex Candle Spell Service includes two 15 minute complimentary virtual consultations, photos, and report. If you would like a spell totally customized to every detail of your intention plus world class service, then a Complex Candle Spell Service is just what the witch ordered. 

If you’re not sure which spell is best for your situation, you can get a quick recommendation by emailing our in house spellcasters: TheLoveWitchNYC or Onareo.

Candle Spell Reading and Report

Candle Spell Reading and Report

Candle Spell Readings are a service we offer to help you interpret and intuitively read the remains of the candle spells that you have burned at home.  If you have burned your own spell candle, we are able to do a session interpreting the results of your spell – letting you know both the holistic interpretation of how the candle burned and specific symbols and signs that we see in the wax.

Click below to book a 15 minute spell interpretation with TheLoveWitchNYC:

If you have more than one spell that you would like a reading of please allow 15 minutes for each spell. You can book sessions of 30 minutes or longer with any of our readers on this page.


If you are looking for a different service, click on our Magical Services page to see the whole array of what we offer.