Powerful Love Spells and Love Spell Kits That Work

Find powerful love spells for everyone, from absolute beginners to experienced practitioners. We’ve arranged everything you need to improve your romantic life with real love spells that work, spell supplies and simple instructions. Find everything you need to cast your own or let our professional love spell casters do the heavy lifting for you (…or with you. Our team loves spellcasting right along with you, kinda like training wheels as you’re learning to ride a bike or an extra powerful push if you’re going up a steep hill).

We’ve organized our most popular spells according to the type of situation they address. If you’re not sure which spell is best for your situation, you can get a quick recommendation by emailing our in house spellcasters: TheLoveWitchNYC or Onareo.

Or book a reading if you’d like a more in-depth look into the perfect spell or create a custom spell just for you. At Parlour of Wonders we’ve got one goal, everything we do is designed to help you create a more magical life.

No matter where you are on your journey, there’s some love magic just waiting to assist you.


How to Cast Love Spells (and know they’re working)

Ready to learn how to cast love spells? You’re in the right place. Before we get into actual spells, supplies and spell casting, there are a few things you need to understand. First, you need to align your expectations with the laws of magic and the practical ways things usually work. The first questions newbies usually ask are these: “How do I cast a love spell?” and “How long do spells take to work?”

Understanding what to expect from any spell will make your experience less mysterious and more, actually, magical. Read on, we’ve got you.

How to Cast a Candle Spell for Love

One of the most traditional and powerful ways to cast a love spell that works is to do a candle spell. Candle spells are especially effective because they require your focus and intention yet they can be very easy to do. The simplest love spell with a candle that you can do is to get a red or pink candle (a red or pink beeswax candle will add extra sweetness to your love spell), dress it with a love oil like New Romance oil, Soul Mate oil, or Magnetic Attraction oil and do the following:

  • Apply a spiritual oil to the candle

  • Hold the candle in both hands

  • Close your eyes

  • Speak the words of your wish

  • Set the candle in a holder and light it

  • Say “It is done!”

Let the candle burn while you are at home and awake. If the candle isn’t finished burning, snuff the candle out (don’t blow it out) when you go to sleep or leave the house. When you relight your candle:

  • Visualize your good outcome

  • Speak your wish or intention again

  • Light the candle and let it burn

Once the candle is complete, you can dispose of it by burying it on your property, keeping the wax remains until your wish comes true or simply say, “My spell is complete” and dispose of it in your wastebasket.

two men in love from a spell

How Long Does It Take?

Good question. Wondering how long it takes for love magic to work? An hour? A day? Will it work overnight? Will it take longer? Well… it depends. We know, when you want results and you want them now, that’s not a very comforting answer. Especially when you’re a beginner. But that’s not how magic really works. While it’s understandable to want instant results, we have found that fast results are not the norm. Most love spells take a little while to get going. It depends on several things as to how fast your spell will work. You are embarking on a magical path and you need to understand the rules of the road.

First, if you have an easy request it’s more likely that you will get fast results. For example, if you have a person who is attracted to you but you want them to feel confident enough to give you that first kiss or you generally have a good relationship but you’ve had a fight and want to make up. These are situations that magic can resolve quickly.

What about when things are more, well… complicated? Do you have a sticky situation or a major change that your spell needs to address? Are there lots of moving parts or multiple people involved? Love magic is powerful in complex situations but not always immediate.

So now you get the idea: it’s a small matter (and usually pretty quickly handled) getting easy love situations on track. For more complicated situations, you might need to be patient. Here’s how to assess progress and know that your love spell is working.

Look for Messages, Movement and Then Manifestation

In general, once we have cast a spell, we should expect to see the following things:

  • Messages

  • Movement

  • Manifestation

Messages are synchronicities or messages that we get from our Spirit Guides or the Universe. These are not messages from your lover, but messages that the Guides give us to let us know our spell is working.

Examples of Messages for Love Spells that are Working Can Include:

  • Hearing someone say the name of your beloved

  • Seeing repeating numbers

  • Hearing a special song on the radio

  • Seeing your beloved’s name somewhere unusual

  • Smelling your love’s cologne when they aren’t there

  • Seeing a special symbol that represents your relationship

  • Seeing an unusual Spirit Animal (insect, bird, fish, animal)

  • Seeing an unusual flower, tree, or plant

After you complete your spell, you should expect to see a message within a few days. That means anything from the moment you finish the spell, to up to three or four days after. If you don’t, it’s a sign that either there is a better lover out there for you or that you should try a different kind of spell.

What is Movement?

In love spells, Movement is something positive happening with your objective — not the full culmination of what you’re wanting, but things making a shift in the right direction. For example, depending on the situation, movement might be the person you are working on doing one or more of the following:

  • Reaching out to you with a text or phone call

  • Liking something you’ve posted on social media

  • Paying more attention to you

It’s not the final step of your spell, but you feel or see that things are improving. You can see this movement within a few weeks. Meaning, anytime between the moment you finish the spell up to three or four weeks.

After you see movement, you should be looking for the Manifestation. The manifestation is the final goal of your spell — the result that you are looking for. This can take up to a few months. That means it can happen anywhere from the moment you finish your spell casting to three or four months from the time you finish your spell.

Success. My Love Spell Worked!

This is the fun part and it happens often. You’ve conjured results and have a lot to be proud of. You’ve likely either found new love, rekindled romance or some other magical result that says your current relationship has improved. This is the exciting and fulfilling result of your efforts. It’s the happy in happily ever after. But what if it doesn’t work?

two women in love with a love spell

Uh Oh. What Happens if I Don’t See Results?

Don’t fret! If you don’t see Messages, Movement, or Manifestation in the appropriate timing, it may mean that you need to try a different spell or focus your intentions in a different direction.

Hack That Spell

Here are some powerful and effective love spell hacks to keep your life and love goals on track:

  • If you’re unsuccessful in getting a particular person to come to you > Do a spell for attracting your perfect partner instead of a person by name (Hint: Wear Magnetic Attraction Oil on a daily basis).

  • If you’re having trouble getting romantic attention > Try a self-love spell with a Heart Candle – the Change of Heart Candle Spell Kit is the the perfect thing for this.

  • If you and your partner are still arguing > Try a spell for harmony in your home, like using a Peace and Tranquility Incense Spell Kit.

  • If your loved one is continuing to cheat on you > Do a Come to Me Spell using a Come to Me Candle Spell Kit on the cheating partner to get them interested in a new person – someone other than your partner.

Now armed with some knowledge and perspective, you’re ready! Here are some real love spells that work.


Magnetic Attraction Oil by Madame Pamita

Energetically charged to bring in any of your positive intentions. Set the intention of what it is that you wish to attract and then let your good things come your way.

Change of  Heart Candle Spell Kit

Use the Change of Heart Candle Spell Kit  to turn someone’s heart toward love, reconciliation or sweet romance or to mend and strengthen your own heart .

Peace and Tranquility Incense Spell Kit

Use the Peace and Tranquility Incense Spell Kit to stop the arguing and bring peace, harmony and tranquility to a relationship or to your home or other environment.

Come to Me Spell Kit

A Come to Me Candle Spell Kit is an old-time moving candle spell used to bring a lover closer for passion, romance or reconciliation. Available in Male/Female, Female/Female and Male/Male.

Real Love Spells that Work for All Skill Levels

Real love spells that work amazingly well for all skill levels fall into several categories. Some spells are effective in many situations — but to avoid repeating ourselves (and since we don’t know your exact circumstances) we’ve grouped them by their most common purposes — so let yourself scroll through the categories to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Magic to Bring in a New Love

Are you single and ready to mingle? If you don’t see anyone in your circle that looks like a potential mate, then you may want to do a spell to bring in a new love. Here are two of our favorites.

Our Most Popular Spells to Bring in a New Love Who is Unknown to You

The New Romance Mojo Bag Kit is very popular with new magicians and has all of the supplies you need plus full written instructions on how to assemble your own mojo bag. If you’re experienced and already have a cabinet full of magical supplies, you can easily DIY a mojo bag. For most beginners though, some of the items are a bit obscure or only available in larger quantities so it’s much simpler to start with a kit that gives you everything you need in one handy package and before you know it, you’ll be wearing your very own mojo bag and magnetizing your new love.

If you’ve never done a spell before, a New Romance Vigil Candle is one of the easiest spells for beginning spell casters. It’s as simple as setting an intention and lighting a 100% pure beeswax candle that has already been dressed with spiritual oils and blessed for bringing in your perfect person.

The New Romance Vigil Candle by Madame Pamita fits the bill. It’s 100% pure beeswax and is all dressed with coriander seeds and other love attracting essential oils and herbs. This candle burns for approximately 120 hours.

What do cats have to do with love? Well, if you want to stop hunting for that new love and have it come to you instead, the Lucky Cat Candle Spell Kit is one of the most effective spells you can do for bringing in the romance you crave.

Lucky Cat Candles are used for spells where you need Spirit to go out and get a love for you and bring it right to your door. Just as a cat catches mice, a cat spell can “catch” a new lover if you are finding true love to be elusive.

Choose a red candle for a torrid and passionate love or a pink candle for a sweet and heart-centered romance.

New Romance Mojo Bag Kit

The New Romance Mojo Bag is designed to draw in a beautiful new romance with someone who is not yet known to you. You can do the easy-to-assemble kit yourself or I can assemble it for you – available in Regular Strength and Triple Strength. 

New Romance Vigil Candle

Use the sweet beeswax power of the New Romance Vigil Candle to invite in a beautiful love with someone new – whether it’s a new relationship developing with someone you already know or you’re ready to call in the perfect love of someone you have yet to meet.

Lucky Cat Candle Spell Kit

If you are finding it hard to get the romance that you long for and need a helpful spirit to bring true love to you quickly, then a spell done with the Lucky Cat Candle Spell Kit will go out and “catch” your heart’s desire. Choose red for passion or pink for romantic love.

Spells to Attract a Lover Who is Known to You

There are many spells to attract a partner who is known to you. If the two of you are already intimate, you can do a simple but highly effective spell by putting several drops of True Love Oil in a bottle of massage oil. Massage your partner with this magical blend and as you do, envision the love that you want to receive from this person or think the words of your love affirmations or incantations.

If you are trying to attract someone who is far away or who you haven’t been intimate with (or who you may not have even met yet), then one of the most popular options is the Come to Me Spell. This is a moving candle spell, which sounds complicated and intimidating but can be really easy if you purchase a spell kit which has all the ingredients and the directions in it. We have a really lovely Come to Me spell kit made with beeswax candles (the best candles for love spells) and it is available in Male-Female, Female-Female, and Male-Male spell kits.

What is a Come to Me Spell?

A Come to Me spell is a moving candle spell that you burn to bring a lover closer to you. Simply put, you light a candle for you and another one for the other person and each day you burn a little bit of the candle. After the candle is snuffed out (be sure not to blow it out!), you move the candles so that they are slightly closer together.

Traditionally, a Come to Me spell is done over the course of seven days. Each day, you burn the candle about 1/7th of the way down and move each candle slightly closer to each other until on the seventh day, the candles are touching and you let them burn completely.

If you are a woman looking to attract a man or a man seeking to attract a woman, you can use the Male/Female Come to Me Candle Spell Kit.

Women who are wanting to attract another woman can work with a Female/Female Come to Me Candle Spell Kit and men who are seeking a relationship with another man can use the Male/Male Come to Me Candle Spell Kit. This is such a powerful bit of magic, it’s no wonder it’s one of our most popular spell kits. The Come to Me spell is a little more complex but it’s completely manageable for most new spell casters.

Male/Female Come to Me Candle Spell Kit

If you are male and would like a female lover or female and would like a male lover to come closer emotionally or physically, this moving candle spell can provide the spiritual pull to bring them toward you. 

Female/Female Come to Me Candle Spell Kit

If you are a woman and would like to attract a female lover, then the Female/Female Come to Me Candle Spell Kit can be used to bring that  woman you have your eye on closer for passion, romance or reconciliation. 

Male/Male Come to Me Candle Spell Kit

If you’re a man, you can draw that man you have your eye on to you and get him to get closer to you with a Male/Male Come to Me Candle Spell Kit. Bring on the passion, the romance, or even a reconciliation after a break up or argument or misunderstanding.

What If I Want More Than One Lover?

A Come to Me spell kit is so adaptable. If you are wanting to attract more than one partner or are in a polyamorous or ethically non-monogamous relationship you can start with a Come to Me Spell kit and add as many additional Male or Female figural candles as you wish.

More Popular Spells to Attract a Potential Lover Who is Known to You

If you are wanting to make your love wishes with someone a reality instead of a dream, the Love Wishes Come True Spell Kit is as simple as tossing a coin in a wishing well. Use this easy spell kit to make your wishes about your special someone come true.

The witchiest of spells, using a Mandrake Love Poppet Spell Kit will allow you to have an ongoing influence on someone at a distance and can make them think about you, dream of you, and draw them right into your arms.

Beeswax Male Figural Candle

The male figure, sometimes referred to as “Adam,” can represent you, if you’re male, or a male on whom you wish to work magically. Use red for passionate love, pink for romance or friendship.

Beeswax Female Figural Candle

The female figure, sometimes referred to as “Eve,” can represent you, if you’re female, or a female on whom you wish to work magically. Use red for passionate love, pink for romance or friendship.

Love Wishes Come True Spell Kit

This simple and elegant spell uses seven magical seeds to allow you to cast seven powerful intentions for love. You can use them for seven different intentions or repeat the same wish seven times.

Mandrake Love Poppet Spell Kit

A Love Poppet is traditionally used to give you the control. Use this kit if you have a particular person in mind, and you want them to express love to you in a way that you determine.

General Attraction Spells

Magnetic Attraction Vigil Candle

A Magnetic Attraction Vigil Candle is a easy spell to amp up your ability to attract a person who is known to you or to bring in more than one potential lover so that you can pick the best one. Turn up your sex appeal by lighting your fire!

Magnetic Attraction Incense Spell Kit

Personal Magnetism is the power to draw good people close to you and make you irresistible to them. The Magnetic Attraction Incense Spell Kit has everything you need to work with the spiritual power of incense and gives you full instructions to bring in an aura of allure and fascination.

Egyptian Queen Candle Spell Kit

A confident and commanding presence will draw a lover to you like a magnet! If you are committed to amplifying your feminine powers of attraction, the Egyptian Queen Spell Kit is for you. For a masculine version, choose the Egyptian King Spell Kit.

Magnetic Attraction Beeswax Vigil Candle

Let love, wealth and good fortune be irresistibly drawn toward you. This candle is energetically charged to bring in your positive intentions. Set the intention of what it is that you wish to attract and then let it come your way.

Magnetic Attraction Incense Spell Kit

If you want to attract money, love, friends or luck, the Magnetic Attraction  Incense Spell Kit can be used in spells to help make you a magnet for the relationship, popularity, abundance, and lifestyle that you have been envisioning for yourself.

Egyptian Queen Candle Spell Kit

Use the Egyptian Queen Candle Spell Kit to create an aura of confidence and empowerment that attracts good things into your life. Bring in the self assurance that draws lovers to you like bees to nectar. 

Spellwork For an Existing Relationship

Reconciliation Spells

Sweet Reconciliation Oil

Easy and discreet, doing a reconciliation spell with Sweet Reconciliation oil can be as easy as speaking words of intention and applying this beautiful blend of essential oils to yourself on a daily basis. Better yet, apply a drop of this oil to something that your ex will touch, such as a doorknob or car door handle so that they will fall under your spell.

Kiss and Make Up Incense Spell Kit

If you are willing to invest a few days into your spell, the Kiss and Make Up Incense Spell is the perfect solution. This incense spell is a highly effective way to work on someone when they are far away or you don’t have access to them.

Heart to Heart Candle Spell Kit

The sweetness of a blue Heart to Heart Candle Spell Kit will mend hearts and relationships that need healing. This candle spell has all the ingredients and full instructions to bring back a love that’s gone off course.

Sweet Reconciliation Oil

Use Sweet Reconciliation Oil by Madame Pamita to reunite and restore strained or broken relationships and bring back the happiness and sweetness that once was.

Kiss and Make Up Incense Spell Kit

If your friend, family member or lover and you have had a falling out, use the Kiss and Make Up Incense Spell Kit to smooth things over and reunite the two of you.

Heart to Heart Candle Spell Kit

The Heart to Heart candle spell is used to bring two hearts together. You can do this candle to work on an existing relationship or use it to attract a true new love.

Commitment and Binding Spells

True Love Oil

Getting someone to commit fully to you can be done with a simple oil. Add several drops of True Love Oil to a massage oil and give your lover a massage as you envision your deeper commitment.

True Love Incense Spell Kit

A magical spell with all the instructions for creating a deeper, lasting love between you and the object of your affection. Work with the high-level spiritual power of this incense crafted from powerful botanicals.

True Love Spell Kit

A binding candle spell that sets the intention that you and your beloved are bound together to one another for life. Its loving intention is only to be used for sincere promises and serious commitments.

True Love Oil by Madame Pamita

If you have a relationship that can’t seem to go to the next level, or a once vibrant relationship has begun to fizzle, then use True Love oil in your spells to get your love back on track.

True Love Incense Spell Kit

Use the True Love Incense Spell Kit when you want to deepen the bonds of love with someone you know or turn a friendship into a romance.

True Love Spell Kit

You’ve found your true love, now you want to keep him or her. This easy-to-do spell binds your love to you and makes your love strong and protected. 

Sex and Lust Spells

Follow Me Boy Mojo Bag Kit

If you want your male lover to follow you anywhere and everywhere then the Follow Me Boy Mojo Bag Kit has all the materials and instructions for creating a powerful and long-lasting attraction spell. If you are working to attract a woman, use the Follow Me Girl Mojo Bag Kit.

Come Hither Incense Spell Kit

A seductive and intoxicating love spell for getting someone all hot and bothered over you. This spell kit is perfect when you know ahead of time that you are going to invite that special someone home.

Lovers Passion Candle Spell Kit

Turn up the heat with a Lovers Passion Candle Spell Kit in red. This kit includes all the herbs, oils, and the sensual Lovers Passion candle plus full instructions for doing a candle to get them out of their head and into your bed.

Follow Me Boy Mojo Bag Kit

Whether you are a man or a woman, a Follow Me Boy Mojo Bag is used to make the man you love follow you around, focus only on you and submit to your will.

Follow Me Girl Mojo Bag Kit

Get the woman you love to follow you to the ends of the earth. This mojo bag is great for women or men to use, anyone who loves a woman and want her love in return.

Come Hither Incense Spell Kit

If you want your lover to be drawn to you, then this Come Hither incense spell kit, personally formulated by Madame Pamita, can make you your most magnetic.  

Lovers Passion Candle Spell Kit

A Lovers’ Passion Candle Spell Kit is used when you need to start a spark, bring a lover back to your arms or reignite the fire of your love.

Talk to Me Spells

Talk to Me Oil

Doing a spell to get someone to talk to you can be as simple and easy-to-do as applying a few drops of Talk to Me Oil on yourself on a daily basis. Speak your words of intention with power and conviction as you do and amp up the power of this spell.

Talk to Me Vigil Candle

Lighting a Talk to Me Vigil Candle is a straightforward and direct way to get someone to speak to you again. Light this blessed candle dressed with herbs and oils for opening communication and burn it while you are at home and awake each day until it’s complete.

Speak to Me Candle Spell Kit

The Speak To Me Spell Kit is a complete candle spell for those who want to personalize their magic. Each kit comes with the instructions and all the materials you need to do this powerful spell to get someone to speak to you again.


Talk to Me Oil

If you are not speaking with someone either through anger or through drifting apart, this oil will help to open up the channels of communication.

Talk to Me Vigil Candle

If someone is giving you the silent treatment or has ghosted on you and you need them to get in touch, a vigil candle can push through those blocks. 

Speak to Me Candle Spell Kit

This figural candle spell kit is designed to get that special someone to open up the lines of communication, reach out and talk to you.

Domination and Control Spells

Empowered Woman Mojo Bag Kit

The Empowered Woman Mojo Bag gives the power in the relationship back to you. Use this spell kit if you want to feel your own confidence and have them crawling to you. If you identify as male, then you’ll want to use the Empowered Man Mojo Bag Kit which contains different ingredients but produces the same result.

Mental Influence Candle Spell Kit

A Mental Influence Spell Kit is used to gain control over someone’s conscious and subconscious thoughts.

If you want them to think the way you want them to, then this spell can give you that level of control.

Modeling Beeswax Poppet Spell Kit

Spell poppets or “voodoo dolls” are the standard for coercive magic when you want to have control over someone. These powerful spell objects should only be used for positive intent when all else has failed.

Empowered Woman Mojo Bag Kit

Whether you want to be the woman on top in a relationship, career or other competitive area, the power of Queen Elizabeth Root is said to give you the edge.

Mental Influence Candle Spell Kit

If you want more power in your relationship, the Mental Influence Skull Candle Spell Kit is used to influence another person’s mind and get them to think your way.

Modeling Beeswax Poppet Spell Kit

A beeswax poppet is a versatile tool for doing spellwork on someone else – create a doll to represent someone else and then you are able to work on that person at a distance or secretively.

Break Up Spells

Black Lava Salt

A cost-effective yet powerful way to break up two lovers is to sprinkle black salt where they will walk. Unlike most other stores that sell regular white salt dyed black, we sell genuine natural black lava salt that has the power to break apart people and create fiery eruptions of anger between them.

Love Curse Reversal Candle Spell Kit

If someone has been messing with your relationship to break the two of you up so that they can get involved with your lover, you can send that energy right back to them.

The Love Curse Reversal is a “clean” magic in that it only sends negativity back to its source.

Release and Restore Spell Kit

A gentle but effective spell to get someone to leave someone else and come to you can be done with the Release and Restore spell kit. Put in your intention that your target releases their attachment to the other person and heals their relationship with you.

Black Lava Salt

Black Lava Salt

Black Lava Salt is used to purify and drive away evil influences of all kinds. This Black Salt is authentic lava salt and contains no dyes or chemicals.

Love Curse Reversal Spell

If you have been cursed or crossed by someone and it is affecting your love life, turn it around and send the curse away from you and back to its source .

Release and Restore Spell Kit

When you have an unhealthy attachment to a relationship that no longer serves your higher self, it’s time to release those ties and invite in a new, better love.

Spells for Self-Love are Powerful, Practical and Necessary Magic

Self-Love Spells

Angel Candle Spell Kit

This beautiful spell kit can work with the angels to bring the sense of wholeness and healing that you need to create a foundation for future love. Work with a pink candle to invite the Angel Chamuel, angel of love, to heal your heart.

Self Love Oil by Madame Pamita

Healthy self love is the foundation of the best love relationships. Self Love oil by Madame Pamita can be used to attract a love into your life, creating a love within that helps your soulmate find you. Spiritual oils are portable and easy-to-use but they are powerful magic for daily rituals that are life-changing.

Change of Heart Candle Spell Kit

Does your heart need healing before you can feel ready to bring a true love into your life? Then a Change of Heart Candle Spell Kit has what you need – candle, oil, herbs, and complete instructions for doing a powerful spell for a genuine self-love and self-acceptance.

Angel Candle Spell Kit

Call on your angel guides when you need help in a specific area of your life. This Angel Candle Spell Kit is used for blessings to connect to your spirit guides or to work with your angels.

Self Love Oil by Madame Pamita

When we love ourselves we invite in better friends and lovers. Self Love Oil was designed to use in spells for bringing in more affection, forgiveness and self-acceptance.

Change of Heart Candle Spell Kit

The Change of Heart candle spell can be used to heal your own heart. Use it on yourself to gently change your emotions, love yourself and bring in better feelings about yourself.

Make Someone Love You Spell

Are you wanting to cast a love spell to make someone love you deeply? Want to know how to make someone fall in love with you?

There is some finesse to getting someone to fall in love with you. A number of the spells we’ve covered will help. We always feel that the very first step is to start with a foundation of self-love. If you are looking for a relationship just to make you feel better about yourself, that relationship is going to be very challenging. No one out there can give you the love that you can’t give yourself and if you don’t love yourself, you might need someone or want them, but it will be difficult to offer them the unconditional love that a long-term relationship demands.

If you are feeling good about yourself, finding satisfaction in most areas of your life, and feeling complete without someone in your life, then you are actually in the best place to attract your very best love. One that will flow to you with very little effort.

New Romance Sachet Powder

New Romance Sachet Powder

Invite in a beautiful love with someone new – whether it’s a new relationship developing with someone you’ve met or you’re ready to call in the perfect love of someone you have yet to meet.

Come to Me Potion Spell Kit

Come To Me Love Potion Spell Kit

Come to Me Love Potion is a seductive brew meant to make your love come closer and closer and to make your lover be more emotionally and financially generous with you.

True Love Incense Spell Kit

When you want to deepen the bonds of love with someone you know or turn a friendship into a romance, you can light up a True Love Incense Spell to get them to commit to you. 

How to Hire a Love Spell Caster

Lots of you have come here looking for advice about how to hire a love spell caster. It’s a good question and since we cast lots of love spells here… and we’ve talked to a lot of clients who have encountered all kinds of craziness out there, we figured this would be a good time to talk about how to be a responsible consumer of something as poorly understood as love magic and the professionals who practice it.

First, you can do your own love spells. Even when we casts spells for you, we really love it when you cast your own spell right along with us. That way, the power is ultimately yours. And we think that’s a very good thing. So yes, you can (and should) magnify your relationship to your own powerful will by casting your own spells but sometimes you may feel the need for a professional to handle the heavy lifting for you, Now here comes the hard part… how do you hire a real, reputable and honest love spell caster?

Online Love Spells

Are spellcasters able to cast love spells for you online? Of course! In the old days, you would have to go to a spiritual store where the owner would dress and bless candles for you on the spot and possibly burn the candles for you. But nowadays, most shops are online and the spellwork has moved online too.

However, that being said, it is important that you find a reputable professional to cast spells for you. There are lots and lots of people who will say that they will cast spells and even offer free services for you online but beware! If someone is offering to do something for you for free, there is going to be payment to them at some point. An old trick is to cast a free love spell and then tell the client that there is a curse on them or their relationship and that the spell caster must do expensive paid cleansing work to clear it up. If you ever get a reading where someone tells you that you or your relationship is cursed (and tells you that you need to get some expensive spell work done by them to remove the curse), get a second opinion from a reputable reader.

Removing a Curse Yourself

Even if there is some negativity surrounding your relationship, you don’t need to pay someone lots of money to remove a jinx, hex, or curse. Here are three ways you can safely and easily remove the negativity yourself:

Energetic Purification Bath Crystals

Use Energetic Purification Bath Crystals to clear negative energy within and without. The proprietary blend includes ingredients to banish negativity, clear out old stuck energies and release what needs to go.

Wildharvested Rosemary Smudge Stick

Wildharvested Rosemary Smudge Sticks can be used for cleansing rituals, love charms, beauty spells, healing rites, to bring peace, to imbue with feminine empowerment and to protect with divine light.

Love Curse Reversal Candle Spell Kit

If you have been cursed, jinxed, or crossed by someone and it is affecting your love life, turn it around and send the curse away from you and back to its source with the Love Curse Reversal Candle Spell Kit.

Hiring a Love Spell Caster Online

If you are going to hire someone to do a love spell for you online, make sure they have a Spell Work Agreement of some kind that clearly states what services they are performing and what you will receive when you give them your hard-earned money.

Don’t trust someone who just sends you a generic photo of a candle spell or other spellwork without something identifying it as yours and yours alone. Anyone call pull a photo off the internet and claim that it’s a photo of “your candle.” Make sure your name is part of any photograph of your spell work.

Are you worried that one of these shady spell casters is going to do some negative magic against you? The good news is that the vast majority of scammers offering free spell work aren’t spell casters at all, so you don’t have to worry about any negative magic being directed toward you or your relationship.

Casting a real spell for another person takes time, energy, skill, materials, knowledge, experience, and loving care. Free love spells online are almost always a way for scammers to find targets. Don’t become a victim of their scam. Find a real practitioner with a solid reputation who has experience and will demonstrate that they have done the work for you.