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 Madame Pamita hosts this new podcast on ancient Slavic spirituality – a magical adventure where we will uncover some of the long-hidden aspects of Slavic folk magic going back to the oldest times and explore spiritual practices, beliefs, spirits, spells and of course, lots and lots of Eastern European witchcraft. There is such a big beautiful world of Slavic magic to explore and through this podcast, we’ll be journeying all over the Slavic lands to discover what makes Slavic magic so very special and well, magical!

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Baba Yaga’s Magic Episode 017: Rahman Easter

Late in the spring, a person crouches at the edge of a river and slowly drops eggshells into the water…what are they doing? Are they feeding the fish? Throwing away the leftovers of their lunch? Adding calcium to the water supply? If they are in Ukraine or Belarus, what you might be witnessing is part of the ritual of Rahman easter, a ritual that is nowadays associated with the Christian holiday but goes back to ancient pagan times. What are they doing and who are the mysterious Rahman? In this episode, Madame Pamita will teach you about this ancient tradition and all the magic associated with it. Save those springtime eggshells and let’s make some magic!

Baba Yaga’s Magic Episode 016: Provody: The Spring Celebration for the Dead

You might have heard of the Mexican holiday called Day of the Dead but did you know that Slavic people have a similar holiday in the spring called Provody? This special holiday is the time where we party down with our ancestor spirits: eating, drinking, chatting and laughing… in the cemetery. This special holiday centers around the Easter holiday now, but goes back to ancient pagan spring holidays associated with the return of the sun. Come and join Madame Pamita and learn about this special time to connect to our loved ones who have gone on to the great beyond.

Baba Yaga’s Magic Episode 015: Slavic Spiritual Healing and Cleansing

Spiritual cleansing and healing are a part of almost every folk magic practice under the sun, however Slavic folk magic practices have some fascinating ways of removing curses, the evil eye and just general spiritual gunk. Join Madame Pamita in this episode where you’ll learn about prychyna and vroki, the baba sheptukha, and the unique ways that Ukrainians and other Slavic people get rid of negativity in all its forms.

Baba Yaga’s Magic Episode 014: Slavic Magic with Holy Mother Earth

There’s an old Ukrainian saying that goes, “Don’t look up at the heavens—there is no bread there. As you get closer to Earth, you get closer to bread.” If you really want to meet the divine, you don’t need to look up to the sky. The earth beneath your feet is alive and all-knowing: Zemlya Svyata Maty, Holy Mother Earth. In this episode, Madame Pamita discusses the ways Slavic practitioners honor Mother Earth and connect to her, different locations for you to get in touch with her power and how to do spells of protection, healing magic, and making powerful oaths on earth. We’ll get down and dirty with all the magic of Mother Earth in this episode… so let’s dig in!

Baba Yaga’s Magic Episode 013: Liminality and Slavic Magic

YouTube Video of Episode 13

Most magical traditions contain concepts about magical times and magical spaces but did you know that Slavic Magic has some very special rules about magical times and places – rules that you can incorporate into your own magic practice wherever you live in the world? I am talking about the concept of liminality. In this episode, Madame Pamita discusses the concept of liminality, how you can identify liminal times and spaces and some of the old traditions in Slavic magic for working with liminal times and spaces for protection and power in your life. Are you ready to step into the betwixt and between? Then take a listen to this special episode.

Baba Yaga’s Magic Episode 012: Kolyada – Ancient Winter Rituals

YouTube Video of Episode 12

On the darkest night of the year, when the world is cold and the sun only peeks out for a few short hours every day, we all need something to lift our spirits. In ancient times, this liminal period between the waning sun and the waxing sun was seen as a time of magic and so in almost every culture, there are rituals and rites that invite the sun’s return. The Slavic countries are no exception. Long before the advent of Christianity, we began to celebrate a special winter holiday filled with rituals to banish evil, invite abundance, and honor our ancestors. There was fun, feasting, dressing up, singing, dancing, and fortune-telling: the perfect activities to lift those long, dark night blues. In this episode, Madame Pamita covers all the unique and magical aspects of this very special time of year!

Baba Yaga’s Magic Episode 011: The Pich – Magical Slavic Wood Stoves

YouTube Video of Episode 11

There is a Ukrainian saying, “the wood stove is our own dear mother,” In times past and even in rural areas today, Slavic people are dependent on their pich, or their wood stove, to heat their home, cook their food, warm the water for washing and so much more. But like all Slavic items, it is a place of magic as well as practicality. In this episode we’ll be learning about the pich and how it was considered a magical place, a sacred site within the khata and the home of the beloved ancestors. So, as the weather is getting crisper, cozy up to the fire with me, warm your hands and learn about the magic of the Slavic wood stove.

Baba Yaga’s Magic Episode 010: Slavic Cloth Magic

YouTube Video of Episode 10

Cloth is a very important part of Slavic Witchcraft and magic. From processing the fibers, to spinning, to weaving, to sewing and embroidery – cloth has always been a deeply powerful source of magic for protection, fertility, abundance, love and blessings of all kinds. In this episode, you’ll learn all about the special spirits and goddesses associated with spinning and weaving, the magic of cloth, the special kinds of cloth items that are used in magic, such as the rushnyk, the krayka and the vyshyvanka, and showing you how you can incorporate this magic into your own practice – no loom required!

Baba Yaga’s Magic Episode 009: Slavic Hair Magic

YouTube Video of Episode 9

Hair is an important part of our identity, and our magic! Hair is magic and in Slavic spirituality, hair is seen as an extension of the self, a source of power, and a resource for protection and blessing one’s self. Slavic spirituality has lots of ways that are quite unique for working with hair for magical purposes. Join me on this journey and you’ll discover some very witchy ways of working with your hair to bring abundance, love, blessings and safety into your life.

Baba Yaga’s Magic Episode 008: Magical Foods in Slavic Spirituality

YouTube Video of Episode 8

Food is magical! The food you take in, the food you give to others, the food you offer to the spirits can all be imbued with your spells, your incantations, your magic. Many cultures have magic spells that involve food but there are some special spells in Ukrainian and Slavic magic that involve what we eat and drink. Food and drink can charm the spirits. Offer a treat to a Domovyk, Lisovyk, or Rusalky and they may be inclined to help you. All meaningful interactions with our beloved ancestors also involve offering them food and drink. And of course you can charm food and drink to feed to others. Join Madame Pamita in this podcast where we look at seven of the most magical Slavic foods and how they are used in witchcraft.

Baba Yaga’s Magic Episode 007: Slavic Rainwater Magic

YouTube Video of Episode 7

Water is essential to life, all living things need water to survive, so it’s no wonder that ancient Slavs revered water. This view of water as magical and holy has been passed down from generation to generation. For spiritually aware Slavic people, water was and is seen as a living thing with its own unique spirit – an ally who can assist us in washing away negativity and bringing in blessings. Rainwater, water that magically falls from the heavens, is seen as especially powerful and magical. There are dozens and dozens of Slavic rituals, spells and beliefs about rainwater, and in this episode, we are going to learn how to refresh our lives with the amazing magic of rain.

Baba Yaga’s Magic Episode 006: Rusalky – Slavic Water Spirits

YouTube Video of Episode 6

We’re not going to be talking about the little mermaid in this episode. This one is all about the Rusalky – the ancient water spirits of Slavic lore and legend. Some say that the Rusalky are evil or treacherous spirits, haunting ponds and rivers, simply waiting for a hapless person to come by so that they can pull them down to a watery doom. But is that the real story? Of course not! In this episode I’ll be teaching you about these ancient pagan water spirits, their connection to abundance magic, their special spring and summer holidays, and ways that you can honor and even encounter these magical and enticing water creatures.

Baba Yaga’s Magic Episode 005: Slavic Ancestor Worship

YouTube video of Episode 5:

Ancestor worship is huge in Slavic folk magic practices. We see the ancestors show up again and again in the old ways and beliefs. The power and presence of the ancestors can’t be overstated. But do we need a connection to our ancestors? Why would we want to cultivate that relationship? And when we do decide to bring our ancestors into our spiritual practice, how do we do that? In this episode of Baba Yaga’s Magic, we’ll be discussing all of that and more. I’ll show you the specific ways that Slavic people connect to their ancestors and how you can create some ancestral magic of your own.

Baba Yaga’s Magic Episode 004: Ukrainian Egg Magic

You may have seen the beautiful and intricately decorated pysanky that Slavic people create around Easter time. Those eggs are powerful talismans for spiritual protection and blessings. But there is so much more to Ukrainian egg magic. In this episode of Baba Yaga’s Magic you are going to learn the magic of Ukrainian Eggs! Not only are you going to learn about pysanky, but I’ll also share the magic traditions of krashanky, the edible dyed springtime eggs that we eat, and the humble yaytse, or plain egg. We’ll also explore Ukrainian egg legends and the history of talismanic eggs in Ukraine. And as a bonus, I’ll even teach you some spells that you can do with these super magical gifts from our bird friends. So, join me for this egg-citing adventure in the magic of Ukrainian eggs! 
Lisovyk Leshy Chuhaister Baba Yaga's Magic Podcast

Baba Yaga’s Magic Episode 003: Who is the Lisovyk?

YouTube video of Episode 3:

In this episode of Baba Yaga’s Magic, you are going to meet another Slavic Spirit – you can call him The Lord of the Woods of the Master of the Forest, you can call him Chuhaister or the kind one – but he is the Lisovyk! The Lisovyk is a forest spirit who can pass magical gifts on to you or trick you by leading you deeper into the woods where you will get lost. I want to share with you how to get more of the former and less of the latter and in this episode, I’ll be sharing the myths, legends and lore of the Lisovyk and tell you how you can get to know him, honor him and maybe even meet this gentle giant of the woods.

Baba Yaga's Magic Podcast - Who is the Domovyk

Baba Yaga’s Magic Episode 002: Who is the Domovyk?

YouTube video of Episode 2:

In this episode of Baba Yaga’s Magic, you are going to meet a spiritual cousin of Baba Yaga – someone who’s not so well-known outside of Slavic cultures but is one of the most well-known spirits in Eastern Europe – the Domovyk! The Domovyk is a house spirit and in some ways, he’s a little like Dobby the house elf, but he’s someone much more important. He’s an ancestral spirit who can take care of your home, and the family within it, especially the children and pets. He’s can be a protective spirit but he can also make a ruckus in your house or hide things that you are looking for. So, is he a good guy or a troublemaker?Well, that depends on how you treat him and in this episode, I’ll be sharing the myths, legends and lore of the Domovyk. I tell you how you can get one to move in, how to encourage him to be a happy helper, and what he can do for you and your home.

Baba Yaga the Slavic Witch

Baba Yaga’s Magic Episode 001: Who is Baba Yaga?

YouTube video of Episode 1:

Baba Yaga is the witch of Slavic folklore. We see her as a character in so many tales in Eastern Europe – always as a powerful old crone who lives deep in the forest in a hut that stands atop two chicken legs. In some stories she appears as a vicious ogre, in others she’s a magical helper who offers enchanted tools or information. Sometimes she’s a wise elder who tests the hero or heroine and rewards them with a horse that can jump over rivers or a magical skein of yarn that will lead them to their goal. Other times she appears like the witch in the story of Hansel and Gretel trying to trick children into going in the oven so she can eat them. But is she just a fairytale villain or is she something more? In this episode, we’ll explore this ancient spirit of feminine power and discover the real story behind the most famous Slavic witch.

Baba Yaga's Book of Witchcraft by Madame Pamita

Baba Yaga’s Magic Episode 000: Introducing Baba Yaga’s Magic

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