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Lisovyk Leshy Chuhaister Baba Yaga's Magic Podcast

Baba Yaga’s Magic Episode 003: Who is the Lisovyk?

In this episode of Baba Yaga’s Magic, you are going to meet another Slavic Spirit – you can call him The Lord of the Woods of the Master of the Forest, you can call him Chuhaister or the kind one – but he is the Lisovyk! The Lisovyk is a forest spirit who can pass magical gifts on to you or trick you by leading you deeper into the woods where you will get lost. I want to share with you how to get more of the former and less of the latter and in this episode, I’ll be sharing the myths, legends and lore of the Lisovyk and tell you how you can get to know him, honor him and maybe even meet this gentle giant of the woods.

Baba Yaga's Magic Podcast - Who is the Domovyk

Baba Yaga’s Magic Episode 002: Who is the Domovyk?

In this episode of Baba Yaga’s Magic, you are going to meet a spiritual cousin of Baba Yaga – someone who’s not so well-known outside of Slavic cultures but is one of the most well-known spirits in Eastern Europe – the Domovyk! The Domovyk is a house spirit and in some ways, he’s a little like Dobby the house elf, but he’s someone much more important. He’s an ancestral spirit who can take care of your home, and the family within it, especially the children and pets. He’s can be a protective spirit but he can also make a ruckus in your house or hide things that you are looking for. So, is he a good guy or a troublemaker?Well, that depends on how you treat him and in this episode, I’ll be sharing the myths, legends and lore of the Domovyk. I tell you how you can get one to move in, how to encourage him to be a happy helper, and what he can do for you and your home.

Baba Yaga the Slavic Witch

Baba Yaga’s Magic Episode 001: Who is Baba Yaga?

Baba Yaga is the witch of Slavic folklore. We see her as a character in so many tales in Eastern Europe – always as a powerful old crone who lives deep in the forest in a hut that stands atop two chicken legs. In some stories she appears as a vicious ogre, in others she’s a magical helper who offers enchanted tools or information. Sometimes she’s a wise elder who tests the hero or heroine and rewards them with a horse that can jump over rivers or a magical skein of yarn that will lead them to their goal. Other times she appears like the witch in the story of Hansel and Gretel trying to trick children into going in the oven so she can eat them. But is she just a fairytale villain or is she something more? In this episode, we’ll explore this ancient spirit of feminine power and discover the real story behind the most famous Slavic witch.

Baba Yaga's Book of Witchcraft by Madame Pamita

Baba Yaga’s Magic Episode 000: Introducing Baba Yaga’s Magic

Madame Pamita hosts this brand new podcast on ancient Slavic spirituality – a magical adventure where we will uncover some of the long-hidden aspects of Slavic folk magic going back to the oldest times and explore spiritual practices, beliefs, spirits, spells and of course, lots and lots of Eastern European witchcraft. There is such a big beautiful world of Slavic magic to explore and through this podcast, we’ll be journeying all over the Slavic lands to discover what makes Slavic magic so very special and well, magical!

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