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Magic, divination, and hoodoo books and MEdia

To learn magic in depth, you need some quality resources. Madame Pamita has created and sourced some of the most informative and helpful books and media on the market to increase your skill and understanding.

Magic and Hoodoo Books

Having a library of magical books can help you to become adept at magic. Paper books allow you to write in the margins and interact in ways that can help you retain that knowledge or let you refer back to what you have learned. However, not all books are equal. Madame Pamita has a great collection of magical books in her own library and has recommendations on the ones that can help you to expand your skills.

Madame Pamita’s Books

Madame Pamita’s Magical Tarot book is available directly from the Parlour of Wonders. If you purchase your copy here, you have the option of getting it signed and personalized by Madame Pamita. Signed copies of Madame Pamita’s upcoming book The Candle Magic Book will be available here as well. Madame Pamita’s eBook Seven Secrets to Supercharge Your Spellwork is available as a download or an audiobook (check out the Media section).

Spell Books

A curated collection of the best spell books on the market can found in our shop. Spell books outline the principles of magic as well as give step-by-step instructions for spell casting. Think of them as your magical recipe books, showing you foolproof directions for making your magic. Even experienced spell workers love to look through spell books to get inspiration, learn new techniques, or just to see someone else’s approach to a spell.

Crystal Guide Books

Everyone loves crystals but not everyone knows the best ways that they can be used. Crystal guide books can not only tell you what each type of crystal can be used for but also give you ideas on making crystal grids and other powerful gemstone workings. Crystals are able to dramatically shift subtle energies in your environment and can be working in the background while you focus on other magical work. Knowing the right crystals for the job can make a huge difference in your emotional and spiritual state and in the space around you.

Magical Herb Guide Books

Herbs, plants, and essential oils are our magical allies. Learn what different herbs can be used for and how to incorporate them in your spells by having a herb guide on hand when you are preparing your spells. Knowing which herbs can be safely ingested and which ones can only be used for sprinkling on a candle is also essential information and makes having an herb guide essential for spell work.

Books on tarot and Divination

Learning to work with the tarot and other divination tools can expand your magical practice tremendously. Developing your intuitive senses and seeing beyond the visible world will open up new avenues of spiritual connection. Use these books to develop your skills and become the reader you were meant to be.

Magic Media

There are many more resources for different magical experiences. Music, guided meditations, ebooks… all of these can enhance our experiences with the spiritual world. You can download these media as soon as they are purchased and get immediate gratification (and enlightenment!)

There are so many more magical things to discover at the Parlour of Wonders. Check out our complete selection of witchcraft tools and spiritual products.