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Ritual and Magical Tools and Accessories

Using beautiful magical tools and accessories for your spell work can not only make your magic elegant, it can make it easier. We hand-select the most unique, old-time, traditional tools for helping you to successful manifest your deepest desires. Try to incorporate some of these exceptional accessories into your personal practice. They are useful for your rituals and beautiful enough to sit on your altar year round.

Candle Snuffers as RITUAL TOOLS

Candle snuffers are an absolutely necessary tool if you are going to be doing candle magic. Whenever you leave the house or go to sleep, you should always snuff your candle out and relight it when you return or awaken. A candle snuffer is a dedicated accessory designed to put your candle out quickly and easily, whether it’s a vigil candle or freestanding candle.

Incense Burners as RITUAL TOOLS

Burning incense is a powerful way to create sacred space. Incense can be used to enhance any spell work you might do or can be used as a spell in itself. Whenever you burn incense, it is important to burn it in a container that won’t get damage by the heat or won’t transfer heat to your table. Using a dedicated incense burner and sand will allow you to burn incense charcoals, sticks, cones or loose incense safely and beautifully.

Cauldrons as RITUAL TOOLS

Is there anything more witchy than a cauldron? They definitely give a vibe that “magick is afoot,” but cauldrons also serve a purpose as a magical tool. A heavy cast iron or brass can be used for blending potions, grinding herbs, safely burning incense, or containing candle magic spells. Cauldrons represent transformation through water and can also be used on an altar for holding special waters such as holy water, moon-blessed waters, or herb-infused waters or used for water scrying.

Candle Holders as RITUAL TOOLS

Candle holders can be used as a tool for holding tall tapers, thick tapers, or slim tapers upright for your candle magic. Whether you use these magical candle holders to hold candles for individual spells or for hold support candles around a master candle, you will be sure to have your candles standing upright.

Mortars and Pestles as RITUAL TOOLS

Mortars and pestles are the original tool for grinding herbs and resins into powders for magical purposes. Use a stone or porcelain mortar and pestle for dried herbs, roots and flowers. Use a brass or iron one for resins. Make your grinding a part of the magic by speaking your words of intention as you grind your materials for your spell.

Flying Wish Paper

Flying Wish Paper is a new magical discovery – petition papers that you light up with a match so that they fly up into the sky. This magical tool is perfect for intentions that you wish to send out into the universe or up into the heavens. It can be a ritual in itself or can be incorporated into your other magical work.

Good Luck Charms and Amulets

Charms and amulets have been used as handheld talismans or altar enhancers since before written history. Bring these traditional charms into your magical space to enhance and empower your spells.

There are so many more magical things to discover at the Parlour of Wonders. Check out our complete selection of witchcraft tools and spiritual products.