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What are Spell Candles?

Spell candles are special candles used to support our intentions magically. While it’s true that any candle, even a birthday candle, can be used in a spell, when we want to put sincere effort toward an outcome, it is best to use the right tool for the job. Different candles have different advantages when working with them toward an outcome. Knowing which spell candle is best for the job can take a little knowledge and discernment.

When to Use Vigil Candles as Spell Candles

Vigil candles, sometimes called sanctuary candles, novena candles or church candles, are tall glass encased candles that can be purchased plain, with no fragrance or herbs, or prepared with herbs and oils. Madame Pamita’s vigil candles are made with 100% pure beeswax, which is the cleanest burning and highest quality wax money can buy. Vigil candles often have words and images on the outside of the glass that tell you what kind of spell the candle can be used for. These are larger candles and are meant to burn over the course of several days. Choose a vigil candle for your spell if your situation is a straightforward but stubborn one that needs a big push to have a breakthrough.

When to Use Figural Candles as Spell Candles

Figural candles, sometimes called image candles or shaped candles, are candles that are molded into recognizable and symbolic shapes. Candles that are molded into shapes add the power of symbolism to your candle spells. Figural candles are made without any added fragrance or herbs, so you can burn them as is or dress the candle in oils and herbs. Use a figural candle in a spell when your problem is complicated or nuanced and you want a completely customized spell that addresses multiple issues. Madame Pamita’s figural candles are made with 100% clean-burning beeswax, the highest quality candle wax available.

When to Use Tapers as Spell Candles

Taper candles are the tall, slim candles you see adorning everything from dining room tables to birthday cakes. Taper candles can be used as additional support for your spells, bringing in the energy of different colors to your more complex spells. They can also be used on their own and are ideal when you want to do a candle spell that doesn’t look like a candle spell. Tapers come in a variety of sizes as well, from the longer burning tall tapers to the fast-burning tiny tapers and can be used in spells where you need immediate results or spells where you burn one candle a day over a certain number of days. All of Madame Pamita’s tapers are made with pure beeswax, so you can be sure that you are bringing in the clearest, cleanest and best intention for your candle spell.

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