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Madame Pamita

Please Select the Type of Session you would like with Madame Pamita:

  • Tarot Reading

  • Past Life Reading

  • Spirit Guide Reading

  • Individual Instruction

  • Candle Wax Interpretation

  • Candle Spell Reading

If you would like to combine sessions (for example, you would like a tarot reading and a past life reading in a single session), check both boxes on your appointment form.

Please also select an In-Person Session or a Remote Session (any type of session that is not in-person).

Sessions can be done via:

  • In-Person at The Parlour of Wonders

  • Phone

  • Zoom video chat

  • Audio Recording

  • Video Recording

  • Email (one question per 15 minutes of session)

Your appointment time will be Pacific Time (Los Angeles, CA). You can convert your time zone if you choose your appointment.

✴I’m in the process of finding a new office to work out of. I won’t be doing in person readings in the shop in Highland park from August 12th, 2019. I will be doing readings remotely only until I find a new space for my office.

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