Success and Victory Candle Spell

Success and Victory Candle Spell

This is a transcript of my Success and Victory Candle Spell video.

a Candle Spell For empowerment

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In this episode, I’m going to be showing you how to do a spell for empowerment. Now, this spell can really be adapted to any situation. For example, if you want to feel more empowered in a relationship you can use ingredients that have a more loving energy to them for attracting that love or inviting your own empowerment in love. Or you know, you can use it for a situation like a work situation where you want to feel empowered in work where you’re feeling that you don’t have the leadership or the opportunity that you could be having.

spell for Success in a competitive environment

But in this situation, what I’m going to be showing you is how to do this spell for your own empowerment and success in a competitive environment. If you’re an actor, or an athlete or you’re trying out for something where there’s some competition, even trying out for a job or a relationship scenario where there’s competition around you, this will be an excellent spell for working with that.

what you will need for this spell

So, what you will need for this spell is a candle representing you. Of course, if you’re a woman you would use a female candle. If you’re a man you can use a male candle. You’ll need some kind of a oil for your success or your victory. In this case, we’re using victory oil. Crown of Success oil’s another great oil for this kind of work.

You’ll need some herbs that are for victory and success. Master of the Woods is used for mastery. Frankincense is used to intensify the energy and give you greater success. And bay leaf is for victory. So those are all herbs that are used to intensify and give you the edge in a competitive environment.

Lastly, we are going to have three slim beeswax candles. These are orange candles. We’re using orange again for success, mastery and victory. You can also use a purple candle for that same energy or if you were working this spell on a more of a love vein, a red candle. If you were working more in a work or a prosperity vein you can use a green candle but since we’re working on pure success in a competitive environment, we’re going to use that orange candle.

carve your name in the candle

All right, so the first thing you’re going to do is prepare the candle representing you. So I’m going to write my name using a ritual knife. You could use a nail, you could use a pencil, a pen anything that’s going to scratch into this wax. This wax is beeswax. This candle’s beeswax, so the wax is very nice and very soft and easy to carve into.

So, I’ve carved my name into the bottom of the candle. It may not be easy to see but it’s there. You could also, if you like, inscribe some words. Kind of the words of success that you want to bring in, you know, victory, or I win or something like that and you can inscribe that along the candle going in an upward motion.

dress the candle with oil

Next thing I want to bring in is I’m going to dress this candle. So to dress the candle first we need to use the oil. So I’m going to get some of this victory oil and put it on my hands, just a few drops you don’t need a whole bunch. But I’m going to apply that victory oil in an upward motion. Another great oil for success in a competitive environment is an oil called “I Can, You Can’t” and that’s another one to beat out the competition.

As I’m putting on the oil I can say words of, “I will succeed,” or “I will be the winner,” or whatever it is that I…”I will get the job,” etc. Your three orange candles, you’re also going to dress those in an upward motion with your victory oil.

add some magical herbs and glitter

Okay now we’re going to add some herbs to that candle, that master candle, the one in the middle. Master of the Woods is great for establishing your mastery, establishing that you are the one who should be picked. So I can apply that by sprinkling it on and you want to have something underneath to catch the excess because you are going to have some excess.

And then sprinkling some glitter on top of your candle is a very good thing to do. It adds an element, another magical element of color. Also if you read candles it gives you something more to read in the wax. It can make shapes and designs that can be read like people read tea leaves. I’m putting purple on this candle you can easily put orange on this candle as well.

Add your support candles

So there we have our dressed master candle. Now we’re going to add our three orange candles to this spell. We want to put them in a triangular pattern with the point of the triangle at the top. These are beeswax candles so you can easily just press them down. If it was very cold weather or you had paraffin candles you could melt the bottom with a match and then press them down. And now we have a shape of a triangle going up. What we want to do is get you to the top so we want to point that triangle up.

Add some additional herbs

Now we’re going to place our bay leaf. You want to take three whole bay leaves some nice looking ones and place them between each candle radiating out from you. And then finally we’re going to add that frankincense to give an energy, an intensification of this blessing. It’s nice to burn the resin frankincense it’s a very beautiful smelling resin. We’re putting it in a square pattern around to establish the boundaries and the solidity of this spell.

Focusing on the numerology

The reason we’re using three’s and four’s numerologically those are very, very good in spell work. Three is a very magical number for creativity, motion and action and four, is the number for we’ve got four candles total, we’ve got four sides to this square, we’ve got three orange candles, three bay leaves so that number three and four are very, very important. A three for the motion, the creativity and the four for establishing stability. If you like, you can even use…the bay leaves are really nice you can write intentions on the bay leaves as well if you want to write an intention or turn it into a petition of some kind.

adding your words of power

All right, now we’re ready to light that spell. As you light your spell, you say the words or prayers of what it is that you want to bring in. So in this example I would say, “Bring my success in a competitive environment, let me be chosen for the position that I want,” or “Let me win the competition,” or “Let me get the job.” And then you can say, “It is done, it is so, so be it.”

How to maintain your candle spell

So, after you’ve lit your candles, you want to make sure as with all candles that you snuff them out, don’t blow them out, when you go to sleep at night or you leave the house. When you come back or you wake up, you can relight those candles again. Only use a candle when you are able to attend to it. We want to be safe.

So this is a beautiful spell to establish your power, to establish your success demonstrating working with numbers, working with colors and working with herbs to bring about the energy of what it is that you want.

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