Candle Spell Readings

When we burn spell candles for our clients on our altar at the Parlour of Wonders, we include a photo of the finished results once the candle is complete. If you would like a more detailed candle report after the session, we also offer a brief capnomancy (interpreting the soot and the burn of the candle) and ceromancy (candle wax and herb interpretation – similar to a tea leaf reading). To get this service, please add “Photo and Candle Report” as an option when you order. If you would like us to do a candle spell on your behalf, please order a single candle spell or complex candle spell.

If you have burned your own spell candle at home and would like for us to do a reading interpreting the results of your spell, we can do a Candle Wax Interpretation. To get this service, please book a reading with us – allow 15 minutes for each spell that we will be interpreting (for example, if you did one spell with three candles, that’s one 15 minute reading – if you did three individual candles for three different spells, that’s a 45 minute reading – 15 minutes for each spell).

Send an email to me at with any description or photos of your candles. They can be photos of before and after, photos as they have progressed, close-ups of any unusual shapes in the wax or other materials, etc.

If you don’t have photos, give a detailed description of what candles you used, any other materials you used and what occurred while the candle was burning.

Madame Pamita will send you back a report of the interpretation of your spellwork after the time of our appointment.

Here are examples of questions you can answer to give us a detailed description:

What candles did you use (brand/name/color/type of wax/shape)?

What oils (if any) did you use on the candle?

What herbs (if any) did you use and how were they used?

When did you light the candle?

What ritual or words were said when the spell was cast?

Did you notice anything usual as it burned (high flame/low flame/flame went out/flame made noisy popping sounds/bulbous “knots” in the wick)

Were there any unusual shapes in the remaining wax?

Was the candle burned in a glass and if so, was the glass clear or sooty and smoky?

Did the glass break?

Were there any unusual signs apart from the candle while you were burning the candle?