Hoodoo How To Videos

Learn the basics of magic, manifesting and the Hoodoo Tradition from the comfort of your own home. These quick videos focus on one topic and show you how to do simple, yet effective, candle magic, divination, spell work and how to use magical tools. 

Spell Timing - How to use the moon, astrological phenomena and days of the week to support your spell intentions.


Make Your Own Natural Incense Cones - Here are the steps for making your own magically charged incense with the Incense Cone Making Kit.


Using Personal Concerns in Spells - How to use Personal Concerns in spellwork plus some tips and tricks on how to get them.


STOP GOSSIP SPELL - If you want to compel others to stop their gossip, nosiness, and back-biting, this spell is perfect to stop their gossipy ways.


LOVERS PASSION SPELL - How to bring passion and sensuality to your relationship and pump up the heat.


HEART TO HEART LOVE SPELL - How to bring your hearts closer in love and bring the two of you together heart to heart.


LUCKY FOUR LEAF CLOVER SPELL - How to increase your luck with a candle and mojo bag.


TALK TO ME SPELL - If you are estranged from your lover, your friend or your family, here is a spell to open the channels of communication.


ROSE OF JERICHO - Find out more about the Rose of Jericho and how to use it to make a money miracle in your life!


SANTA MUERTE SPELL - A spell to honor the Mexican folk saint Santa Muerte for a romantic love or improved family or friend relationships.


MOJO BAGS - How to Make a Powerful Traditional Mojo Bag to bring love, prosperity, protection or luck.


REVERSING SPELL - How to Use a Double-Action Candle to Send Back Negativity and Bring in Blessings.


7 KNOB CANDLE - How to Do a 7 Knob Candle Prosperity Spell


PENDULUM - How to Tap Into Your Intuition With a Pendulum.


SINGLE CANDLE SPELL - How to Cast a Simple Love Spell Candle


SACHET POWDER - How to Do a Sneaky Love Spell by Using Sachet Powders


HONEY JAR SPELL - How to Do a Honey Jar Spell to Sweeten Someone's Feelings Toward You


GRATITUDE JOURNAL - A Powerful Daily Practice to Manifest Your Desires.


PROSPERITY ALTAR - Create a Center in Your Home or Business for Attracting Ongoing Prosperity.


SUCCESS CANDLE SPELL - How to use candle magic to beat out the competition and be a winner.


RECONCILIATION CANDLE SPELL - A multi-candle spell for reconciling with someone with whom you have argued.


MAGIC TEA - Make a magic potion for yourself or someone else with an intentionally infused tea. 


CRYSTALS AND GEMSTONES - How to work magically with gemstones to cleanse them, charge them, make elixirs and more.


NEW JOB CANDLE SPELL AND MOJO BAG - A spell that combines a candle spell and a mojo bag to get a new job or promotion.


SACHET SPELL FOR PROSPERITY - if you depend on generous clients, do this simple sachet spell for attracting prosperity.


CONE INCENSE MAGIC - How to light cone incense and how to use it to cleanse and imbue your magical tools.


BLACK HAWK SPIRIT SPELL - A true spiritualist's candle spell for invoking the spirit of Black Hawk for assistance.


LOADING A CANDLE - Advanced candle spell techniques for loading a skull candle. 


LAUGHING BUDDHA SPELL FOR LOVE - A gorgeous spell for inviting in an auspicious and happy love. 


FLYING WISH PAPER - A spell for making a special petition paper that flies up into the sky to send your wishes, dreams and desires into the heavens.


CLOTH "VOODOO" DOLL - How to make a doll baby, poppet or "voodoo" doll out of cloth, for love or other positive purposes.                                


COMET STYLE COURT CASE MOJO BAG - An easy-to-make mojo bag style for successful legal outcomes. 


HOW TO AVOID GETTING SCAMMED - Great tips on how to spot a fraud and avoid losing money for a fake reading.


WEIGHT LOSS SPELL - to help support you in resisting temptation and energizing you to burn calories. 


CANDLE SMOKE READINGS - How to read soot on the glass of a vigil candle and how to do a capnomancy reading with a lit candle.

Madame Pamita's Magical Tarot Book - Here is a video about her book and how working with the tarot can open up your intuition .


Horseshoe Spell for Luck and Courage - Here is a candle spell for courage and luck using a horseshoe candle.


Seven Day Spell for Seven Blessings - How to bring in seven different blessings by using seven multicolored tapers.


COLOR IN YOUR MAGIC SPELL - How to add color to your magic spells to give them extra support.


GIFT OF GAB SPELL - If you want to express yourself more powerfully, this spell is designed to help you communicate with confidence.


APHRODITE LOVE SPELL - A love spell to honor the love goddess Aphrodite, establish self-love and then draw the best lover to you.


MORTAR AND PESTLE - Your magic toolbox isn't complete unless you have a mortar and pestle!


PYRAMID CANDLE PROSPERITY SPELL - Pyramid candles are used for building and sustaining a long-lasting powerful prosperity.


TREASURE CHEST SPELL - A success spell to help give yourself or a loved one prosperity, power and mastery.


SPIRITUAL OR CONDITION OILS - A simple overview on how to use Rootwork Oils or Spiritual Oils in your magical practice.


LOVE SPELL - How to Do a Come to Me Moving Candle Spell to invite a love to come into your life.


VIGIL CANDLE - How to Dress a Hoodoo Vigil Candle for a reconciliation spell.


INCENSE - How to Burn Loose Self-Lighting Incense


INCENSE - How to Burn Resins and Herbs as Incense


PETITION PAPER - How to Write a Petition Paper for a Honey Jar Spell, Mojo Bag or Candle Spell


LODESTONES - How to Prepare Lodestones for Magical Work: Cleansing and Blessing Them for Attracting Prosperity


LODESTONE LOVE SPELL - A Seven Day Spell to Attract Your Soul Mate                   


LOVE POPPET - How to Make a Doll Baby or "Voodoo Doll" for Love Magic. 


QUEEN ELIZABETH ROOT SPELLS - How to use Queen Elizabeth Root for Love and Empowerment. 


SEVEN DAY PROSPERITY SPELL - An old-time seven day spell using a taper candle and the power of gold.


FIXING CANDLE SPELL PROBLEMS - If a spell candle is not burning as well as it should, here are the tips to get it back on track.


7 DAY ROMANCE SPELL - A powerful spell for bringing in love and romance using a seven knob candle.


COURAGE AND SELF-EMPOWERMENT SPELL - A spell for giving yourself a boost in courage in disempowering situations.


BEESWAX POPPETS AND DOLLBABIES - Learn how to make a beeswax "voodoo doll" from modeling beeswax or a figural candle.


ADVANCED INCENSE SPELL TECHNIQUES - How to blend herbs and resins and burn them on a Japanese charcoal. 


WHAT TO DO WITH CANDLE REMAINS - How to turn your candle spell remains into a powerful talisman. 


LOVE AND COMMITMENT SPELL - A beautiful binding spell for increasing the commitment in an existing relationship. 


GUARDIAN GARGOYLE SPELL - A powerful protection spell to guard your power, luck and blessings from others who may be jealous.


CAR MOJO BAG - How to make a mojo bag for your car to prevent it from getting stolen, to keep the roads open, to protect you from accidents and to open up parking spaces.


LOVE CAT SPELL - The spell for something you'd like to come your way: luck, money, good business, love, great clients, and opportunities.


SMUDGE STICK CLEANSING - How to use a smudge stick for cleansing and blessing yourself.


MOON SPELL FOR NEW LOVE - A spell for working with the moon to bring your new love to you.


SPIRITUAL CLEANSING BATHS - A Simple Spiritual Cleansing Bath that You Can Make at Home.


EGYPTIAN QUEEN POWER SPELL - A spell to increase power and mastery using an Egyptian Queen Candle and three powerful roots.