2″ Forged Copper Nails


These 2″ Forged Copper Nails can be used in spells to nail something down or as a magical tool to inscribe your wishes on a candle.

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    Nails are used for many things in magic – one of their best uses are to nail down something or to inscribe your wishes onto a wax candle.

    Use the type of nail that best aligns with your intention: golden-colored brass nail are used for prosperity and healing, a copper nail for love work and the transference of energy, iron for grounding, protection and manifestation and nickel for problem solving, justice and empowerment and rusty coffin nails are used to harm an enemy.

    These nails are a little thicker than a pencil and large enough to be used as a smaller and easier-to-handle railroad spike. Dress them with Powerful Protection oil and nail one into each corner of your property to make a spiritual electric fence to keep out evil-doers and landlords or banks who wish to evict you.

    These copper nails measure 2.25” long.


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