A Spellbook for the Seasons – Book


A Spellbook for the Seasons: Welcome Natural Change with Magical Blessings by Tudorbeth

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    Flower Season Spell

    To encourage your spring flowers to bloom, step into your garden on a bright, sunny spring morning and say this spell:

    From gentle flowers meek and mild, to tame roses and the wild. Show your splendour this spring, in summer your beauty bring. In autumn bloom forever bright, in winter sleep beneath the snows. Dearest garden you are a colourful show, you are a seasonal magical sight. All year round and blessed be, an’ it harm none so mote it be.

    Sunshine Mine Spell

    If there is something you have been wanting for a long time, but it’s just out of reach, then call upon the god Apollo to help you achieve it. Write down what you want on a piece of paper, sprinkle cinnamon over it and say these words:

    Summer sunlight, summer sunshine, mighty Apollo, make it mine.

    Afterwards, fold the paper carefully with the cinnamon inside it and bury in the garden

    Autumn Wisdom Spell

    At certain times of our lives, we deepen our understanding of the world. Here is a spell asking for wisdom to help guide our education. Light a yellow candle and say:

    Yellow candle light, make this learning right. I am not too old to learn, it is for the benefit of what I earn.

    Snow Wish Spell

    Use this spell to make a wish for something. Over the snow say this little spell:

    Snow light snow bright, grant me a wish tonight. (Say what it is you wish for.) An’ it harm none so mote it be.

    224 pages

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