Alkanet Root


Alkanet Root (Batschia canescens) is used to increase wealth, and good luck in business and gambling.



Alkanet root bark is used to increase wealth, protect your money and bring in good luck in business and games of chance.

Suggested magical uses for Alkanet root:

Burn a mixture of Alkanet, Benzoin and Lemon Verbena on a charcoal to remove negativity.

Dress a white candle with Energetic Purification oil and roll it in Alkanet.

Carry a red flannel Mojo Bag with a pinch of Alkanet, Sassafras and Alfalfa Leaf to increase wealth.

Sprinkle Alkanet on top of an Abundant Prosperity candle to give it extra potency.

(Alkanet is not recommended for internal use.)

For in-depth information on how to use this and other herbs and roots magically, I recommend Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic and Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, both of which can be found in our Books section.


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