Beginning Tarot Workshop Series with Madame Pamita


Join Madame Pamita in the Beginning Tarot Workshop Series for five weeks of tarot magic and fun as we break down the tarot to make it totally understandable.

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    The Beginning Tarot Workshop Series opens up only once a year, so don’t miss your chance to learn tarot with Madame Pamita, the author of Madame Pamita’s Magical Tarot!

    Are you ready to go on a five-week  journey with Madame Pamita to understand the tarot from the very beginning or see the tarot in new and clear ways? Then join me in the Beginning Tarot Workshop Series. Workshop series begins October 8, 2023.

    We’ll have an amazing adventure together as we explore the fundamentals of the tarot. You’ll start tapping into your intuition and practicing with other students from day 1 and have so much fun along the way!

    Workshops take place live over Zoom on five consecutive Sundays. Workshop times are as follows:

    12PM-2PM Pacific Time

    1PM-3PM Mountain Time

    2PM-4PM Central Time

    3PM-5PM Eastern Time

    7PM-9PM GMT

    October 8 – Week 1 – Telling a Story with the Tarot

    October 15 – Week 2 – Deconstructing the Tarot

    October 22 – Week 3 – The Pop of the Pips

    October 29 – Week 4 – Enter the Royal Court

    November 5 – Week 5 – Symbols and the Big Deal of the Majors

    All workshops are recorded but you’ll learn the most by being in our Zoom session where you will have lots of opportunities to practice with other students in a low-pressure and supportive environment.

    No prior experience is required and people of all spiritual paths are welcome.


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