Binding Candle Spell Booster Pack

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The Binding Candle Spell Booster Pack is perfect for your spells when you want to tie down or tie up a person, institution, or organization whether you want to keep them close to you or prevent them from taking action.


    Do you want to add a strong binding element to your favorite candle spell, either to keep someone close or to prevent them from taking action? This booster pack will do just that!

    Binding is strong coercive magic to prevent someone from making choices on their own. You can keep them attached to you or prevent them from taking action. If you want to have complete control over a person, institution, organization, and their agency, then the Binding Candle Spell Booster Pack is perfect to add to your spells to have total authority over them.

    • Add to a binding spell to amplify the control or attachment
    • Add to a break up spell to keep the unwanted person from coming back
    • Add to a separation spell to limit the power of the parties involved
    • Add to a love spell to bind the other person to you
    • Add to a cleansing spell to keep negativity away from you
    • Add to a protection spell to keep negative people from taking action against you
    • Or add to any other spell where you would like to either control or attach someone or something

    The Binding Spell Booster Pack works well with love spells, cleansing spells, banishing spells, reversing spells, uncrossing spells, protection spells, control spells, break up spells, separation spells, or virtually any spell where you would like to strongly tie together or tie down something or someone to or prevent them from taking action.

    This Spell Booster Pack is designed to help you customize and amplify your spell work. It is recommended that you add this Booster Pack to a Parlour of Wonders Spell Kit that has a figural candle.

    Use this booster pack to enhance or add additional customized elements to a spell. You can choose to add it to a similar Spell Kit or mix and match with a spell kit for a different intention. For example, you could use this Binding Booster pack along with any spell kit for Domination to amplify the power of the Binding work or with a spell kit for Love to tie that lover irrevocably to you.

    Booster Packs are designed to be added to any Spell Kit that we offer at the Parlour of Wonders to turn it into a deluxe spell kit! The Binding Candle Spell Booster Pack comes with:

    • 4 Thick Black Tapers to use as support candles

    • 2 Herb Packets to add to the herbs in your spell kit

    • A Spell Kit sized bottle of Binding oil

    • A bottle of black real glass glitter

    • A Unakite gemstone to maintain powerful control

    • A Petition Paper for you to write out your intentions

    • Complete instructions on how to add these elements to your candle spell

    Everything that you need to make your candle spell extra special and extra powerful.

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    1. Nicole (verified owner)

      Get booster pack. Comes with everything you need. I bought this pack to use with a love spell.

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