Blueing Balls


Blueing Balls, sometimes called blue balls, bluing balls, or anil modamo, are used for gambling luck, spirit work, cleansing and protection.


Blueing Balls (compressed sodium carbonate with anil dye) are used in old-time spiritual work for bringing in positive spirits, cleansing, good luck and success and are safe for laundry and bathing (but are never to be taken internally – please keep away from children and pets).

Suggested magical uses for Blueing Balls:

  • Add a Blueing Ball, a tablespoon of sugar and three Bay Leaves to your bath water for a luck and success bath.
  • Mix a Blueing Ball, a tablespoon of crushed Alum, and Hyssop to create a cleansing bath.
  • Dissolve a Blueing Ball in a bowl of water and place on your altar to invite in good spirits and keep negative ones at bay.
  • Dissolve a Blueing Ball in water and sprinkle or spray around your home to uncross and protect against work against you. (Be aware that there is blue dye in Blueing Balls, so do not spray on light-colored objects or any item that could stain.)
  • Add a Blueing Ball to a bucket of mop water along with rose water and use it clear your house of negativity.
  • Place Blueing Balls under your bed or in the corners of your home to protect from negativity.
  • Carry a Blueing Ball, 9 Chamomile flowers and a Lucky Hand Root in a red flannel mojo bag for good gambling luck.

Package contains one blueing ball


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