Cast Iron Spider Familiar

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Invite this cast iron spider familiar to join you in your spellwork when you want to weave your magic, connect to the web of spirit or bring blessings to your home.

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    Do you think finding a spider in your house is lucky?  You’re not alone!  In many cultures, spiders are symbols of good luck or money and in many folk beliefs, spiders and their webs symbolize perseverance, patience, and skill.

    • In Japan, spider webs are often placed in the home or business to bring prosperity to the household and you can give a spider web gift to a friend or loved one as a symbol of luck and good fortune.
    • In China, the spider is seen as a sign of wealth and prosperity.
    • In 16th century Europe, people believed that seeing a spider meant that gold would rain down on you.
    • Ancient Romans wore spider amulets to be successful in business.
    • Some early superstitions about spiders state that if you saw a spider, you would come into money.
    • If you see a spider dangling from its web, it is seen akin to joy and luck descending from heaven.
    • In some Ukrainian folk beliefs, the earth was suspended on a warp spun by a spider and the spider’s web is associated with fortune telling, with the fulfillment of wishes, and with love.

    If you’d like more luck and prosperity in your home, this Cast Iron Spider Familiar has got you covered. This spider is made from old fashioned cast iron for a rustic look and comes with a detachable D-ring hanger for display.

    Give your spider a name and place it on an altar or hang it on the wall to bring in more fortune. Dress it with Gook Luck Oil or Abundant Prosperity Oil to amplify your luck energy even more and watch your abundance grow!

    3.5 x 3 x 1

    2 reviews for Cast Iron Spider Familiar

    1. Eden Croft (verified owner)

      This spider is so cute and arrived just as depicted. It’s a perfect companion for my desk, sitting on my petitions and weaving it’s magic. I love it even more than I thought I would. It’s already brought a few items to pass and I feed it with the amazing POW Lucky Lodestone oil every time it delivers something wonderful to me. I highly recommend it.

    2. Nancy (verified owner)

      This spider was larger than I expected which kind of freaked me out at first, lol. Then I happily recalled a wild Tarantula who befriended me years ago, and I instantly connected with my cast iron spider familiar. He is absolutely gorgeous and very helpful in my work. So grateful to POW for offering such unique items.

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