Ceramic Stick Incense Holder


Keep your ashes where they belong by using this elegant Ceramic Stick Incense Holder to hold your fragrant stick incense.


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Stick incense is so beautiful, fragrant, and convenient but the ashes that it leaves as it burns are always a chore to clean up. Keep your ashes from messing up your table or altar by using this generous 8″ glazed ceramic tray.

Simply light your stick incense and place it in the hole at the end of the tray. It will be elevated to burn easily but will conveniently collect all the ashes in its trough. Clean up is a breeze – just dump out the ashes and wipe clean with a damp cloth. No mess, no fuss.

Available in glossy black, matte lavender, glossy white, or glossy teal.

8″ x  1.25″ x .25″


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