Energetic Purification Spell Kit


This bath spell has seven cleansing herbs combined to work to remove blocks, negativity and jinxes.


    This is a true, old-time spiritual cleansing. Using the power of these powerful herbs you can do the work to remove any spiritual blocks that others have placed on you or that you have placed on yourself.

    For example, if you have noticed that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get ahead or that whenever you make effort in a certain direction you are thwarted, then it may be time to clear out that old, stuck energy and open up your path to success.

    This spell kit includes everything you see here: a mix of herbs in an old fashioned corked bottle, beeswax 5″ tall thick tapers, an old time hand stamped muslin bag and full instructions for casting this sweet spell.

    To double the power of this bath spell, use along with the Energetic Purification Candle.

    A cleansing spell should be followed up with a spell to bring about the condition that you do want, such as a New Romance spell or a Abundant Prosperity spell.


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