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Fiber Magick: A Witch’s Guide to Spellcasting with Crochet, Knotwork, and Weaving by Opal Luna

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    70+ Craft Projects to Spark Your Imagination & Enhance Your Magick

    Featuring over 100 color photos and illustrations, this fun and accessible guide introduces you to the magickal power of crochet, knotwork, and other fiber crafts. Witch and crochet expert Opal Luna shows you how to move spiritual intention from your mind into your hands through practical exercises, creative techniques, and patterns for more than seventy projects.

    Improving your magick through fiber arts is easy with Opal’s step-by-step instructions and empowering guidance. Discover the tools of the trade, the power of color, and a variety of weaving, braiding, and knotting methods. Learn how to connect to deities and create sacred space for your practice. Explore how Fiber Magick can be used in your holiday celebrations and rites of passage. From sigils and yarn amulets to prayer shawls and crocheted poppets, Fiber Magick is full of delightful projects and perfect for practitioners of all skill levels.

    “The word ‘craft’ has many different definitions, both magical and mundane. In Fiber Magick, Opal Luna combines all these meanings into a many-layered exploration of handcrafts as magical pursuits. A veteran crafter herself, the author takes the reader on a bewitching journey through the use of craft tools as magical tools, artistic activities as spells, and creativity as the powerhouse of a magical life. Whether you’re a longtime crafter or a newbie, no matter what kind of art or craft you prefer, Fiber Magick will show you how to integrate your creativity into your spiritual practice for a deeper, more magical life.”—Laura Perry, longtime weaver, spinner, and sewist and author of Labrys & Horns and The Last Priestess of Malia

    “No matter the path you lead, let this book be your guide. The passion and knowledge Opal Luna brings will surely make your journey worthwhile…a delightful guide that is full of inspiration and important information.”—Lady Willow, witch, priestess, and owner of Lady Willow’s Pagan Shop on Etsy

    “Opal Luna melds magickal practice and hands-on crafting into a powerful, blended, and cohesive spiritual path. From setting intentions to blessing your work, this delightful book introduces practitioners to the art of magickal makingFiber Magick presents a comprehensive guide to the deep connection between handcrafts and spiritual workings, including deities associated with the domestic arts, color symbolism, knot magic, and correspondences for fabrics, textures, and the tools of the fiber crafter. The projects included are cleverly designed and richly detailed, and in ways that anyone, from the beginner to the experienced crafter, can benefit from. With her lovingly written guidance and uniquely personal perspective, Opal Luna has gifted us with the only Pagan craft book you’ll ever need in your collection.”—Patti Wigington, author of Herb Magic, Witchcraft for Healing, and Badass Ancestors

    “Reading Fiber Magick was like sitting down with a cup of lovely tea, curling up in her craft room, and having a one-on-one creative class. She provides so many examples of ways to incorporate Witchcraft into yarn craft, and vice versa…There is a lot here for the beginner crafter (whether you’re new to Witchcraft or to yarn work) as well as for the more experienced happy hooker. I cannot recommend this book enough.”—Stacy Psaros, Southern Strega and longtime crafter, technical director and columnist for The Wild Hunt

    Fiber Magick is a potpourri of magickal information! Anyone reading this will gain a true understanding of the power, reverence, and joy that can come from making one’s own magickal crafts…The organization of the projects by skill level will help readers find the right project for them. All the correspondence charts are a veritable treasure-trove of information that anyone, regardless of experience, will aid in their spell crafting. This book will not only help one to make many amazing magickal crafts, but also weave the very ‘fibers’ of the universe!”—Christopher Johnson, Hereditary Witch Elder, creator at Witch Way 2 Heal, and co-owner of Love & Light Spiritual Emporium

    “I am delighted by Opal Luna’s Fiber Magick. The way she writes about how to bring magick into one’s crafting is practical and well-suited for the various projects in the book. She covers a range of fiber and spellcasting techniques so that there will be something for both the beginner and more experienced witchcrafter as well as all those in between.”—Raechel Henderson, author of Sew Witchy

    336 pp.

    7×10 softcover


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