Five Gemstone Bonanza Grab Bag


We’re clearing out our inventory of large tumbled crystals – get our Five Gemstone Bonanza Grab Bag to use in your spells, create crystal grids or place on your altar.


    We are blowing out our inventory of large tumbled crystals and gemstones and that means big savings for you! Let us intuitively select five of our large gemstones and put them in a colorful grab bag just for you!

    Each grab bag comes with:

    • Five large (.75″ to 1″) unique crystal gemstones
    • Guide papers for each of the crystals to help you identify them and teach you how to use them in your magic
    • A handy organza bag for storage

    Add two or more grab bags to your order and we will do our best to give you a variety of gemstones.

    Ways to Use Your Crystal Magically:

    • To cleanse your gemstones and allow their pure energy to flow, place them in a bowl of sea salt water overnight, then rinse them with plain water.
    • Charge your gems by placing them under the light of the full moon overnight.
    • Make a crystal grid by placing several crystals in a pattern on an altar space.
    • Make a Gem Elixir or Crystal Water by placing a crystal in a jar in a bowl of water overnight. You may use this water to bless, cleanse or drink and impart the essence of the gemstone to whatever this water touches.
    • Place your gemstones on your altar to empower the energy of your magical work.
    • Carry gemstones in a small cloth bag in your purse or pocket to bring the energy of the gem with you wherever you go.

    To offer these crystals at this amazing price, we cannot accommodate special requests for certain crystals.  This is a limited time offer – once they’re gone, they’re GONE! Order early for best selection.


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